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  • dbtunr dbtunr Jan 30, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    I've bought under $80 3X now

    I made about 15 points each time on the first 2 purchases
    Bought yesterday at $77.75. The company was dead on with their forecast for the US growth with slowing gov segment last qtr. I will sell above $90 soon enough

    and to those guys who were saying that MSFT has a competing product: really? Do you even understand the market segment? No one wants to run their corporate servers on Windows. No one.

    Cover and move on. I suggest AMZN

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    • "I made about 15 points each time on the first 2 purchases"

      You're a real genius! Don't forget to tell everyone that AAPL dropped about 50 points the day after you bought it. Also, don't forget to tell everyone that 3 years ago you referred to GOOG, AMZN, and IBM as "dead" stocks, and that you're getting your butt kicked with IDSY. You've got to be the dumbest poster on these boards. Maybe that's why you live in a New Jersey rathole and need financial aid in order to send your kid to college. NEVER FORGET - I OWN YOU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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