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  • normthomas432 normthomas432 Feb 9, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    VMware's Shares Slide; Don't Expect a Rebound


    In today's Barrons. Sentiment far too negative for any serious rebound.

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    • EMC owns 80% of VMW. They will buy the rest.
      Look at GOOG, got an upgrade on Friday so they could dump shares then announced AH that Chairman sells 42% of his shares. Ouch. I do not trust any one out there. Use facts and make our own decision. The Fast Money guys and all of them are out their for their own pockets.

      To me, Cramer is not a bad guy. He just a momentum trader and not willing to tell people to buy lows. Karen on Fast Money is not bad either.

      Trade index is easier like TQQQ SQQQ UPRO SPXU ERX ERY, etc. Using technical analysis and not to be to greedy. Also trade/invest in stocks that are not high profile like LEN PHM BAX STJ EW CVS MPEL and many more.

      Be patient if you believe in the story of your stocks. For example I believe in FB and have been buying on dips. I also see the great future of ONVO. I see a turn around in ZNGA...

    • glad I sold the other day. That the stock did not rebound quickly like it did previous times it went under $80 was a clear early tell.

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      • Friend, the stock is higher than the price you sold at and it's going to go higher.

        The technicals don't matter or how quickly it rebounds. EMC is in there buying again and they are going to continue buying up the shares.

        As someone else mentioned, with EMC taking so many shares off the market, the amount in the tradable float is low. And that means more price volativility. As the wholesale selling/shorting subsides, it's just going to make the move back up that much more intense when it really kicks in.

        With all of the new neophyte shorts jumping in after the fact, I expect that rebound you were looking for to come, it may just be a few weeks from now - maybe as the stock gets back to $85 and they are all scared off.

        I may need to check into what 6 month and 12 month call options are trading at this morning.


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