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  • blackoutbuzz blackoutbuzz May 14, 2014 11:29 PM Flag

    VMW vs. CSCO

    CSCO CEO John Chambers says "You might have seen a small startup [Nicera] and VMware combine. They've been out there for five plus years. We're taking almost all of those customers back. Momentum feels very, very good. I think you'll see us knock 'em off one after another."

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    • VMW on the CSCO way

      @@@@Steve Mullaney - SVP and GM, Networking and Security Business Unit Yeah I think there will be a subset of the market that will do whatever Cisco tells them to do. I mean that’s just the way it is, I mean you have a vendor strong as Cisco is always going to be a subset of the market that’s just going to blindly do whatever they tell them to do. And when you think about what Cisco is trying to do, Cisco -- with ACI came out and basically admitted that everything that we've been saying as VMware as the problem statement was true. Yeah, the network is a big problem. So they actually admitted it.Now what happens though is what they say is the solution to that has nothing to do with this virtualization stuff. And we don’t believe in that. We believe in coupling to the physical hardware, we believe in the power of ASICs. We believe in hardware defined, and it has to be my hardware and by the way not the existing hardware you have in your network now, but my new hardware with my new ASICs and isn’t that a wonderful thing, right? And so as long as you upgrade and rip and replace all your physical infrastructure put in with my new physical infrastructure and then run my software, I will give you a lot of the benefits that VMware is talking about. That’s ACI. So in some senses, they are right. If you don't think about the solution and how you deploy it, they are saying a very similar thing which is, this is about applications, this is about users, this is about agility, and by the way the way I am going to give you the agility, if you’re Cisco, it’s all new hardware and you get to rip and replace. I have never met an IT person yet who wants to rip and replace their hardware. Meanwhile what we say is what you have is good, in fact, I’d tell customers I love Cisco, more than Cisco love Cisco, because I tell you that your existing Nexus and Catalyst gear is good. That’s all you need, you don’t need to upgrade. And we will give you all these benefits

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