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  • steved11793 steved11793 Dec 18, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    what a great fund

    got some more on the dip

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    • i long as the American Health care system has a license to pillage the consumer w/o conscience the fund should do OK.............incidentally I am benefiting too!

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      • I chuckle somewhat painfully at your pillage comment. I'm in my 6th year of 'catastrophic' coverage for the wife and I. We're grandfathered because we had that coverage prior to ACA being signed into law. Our premiums increased almost 20%,commencing a month ago. We're a bit above the 4x poverty level, so we get to pay for the subsidy. We, along with many others have been paying for the less fortunate thru income taxes our whole life. In that purchasing healthcare coverage is no longer a matter of choice, I see the premium increase as a veiled tax. Oh, but I forgot the increase allowed for the tax deductible HSA is 100 bucks, or 1.343% whooptyfriggindoo......The pillager IMO is not the healthcare system, it IS our government...... Looking forward to the repeal before we turn 65.......

        BTW, I moved some AMZN money into VGHCX for regular and Roth IRA's just before Christmas.
        I just yesterday removed that and another 20%. Also lightened up on VUVLX, VSEQX, and considerably so from VWUSX. They've all been fantastic, but at my age It's wise to take a more conservative approach. I remember well the pain of 2000/2001, and even more so 2008..

      • Better hope you never get sick and need them!

    • agree ,hope there is no bubble but its my only sector fund

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