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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Feb 20, 2013 10:40 AM Flag

    Time to compile a list. we need to know,

    sign the list if you have talked to Howarth, seems like if all tou guys that are on phone conversation with him, he must spend most of his days just talking with you guys on the phone. For the record, I have not talked with him.

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    • whogo, please add your name and give us a summary of what he said, thanks

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      • Mo, my main question was the same thing I've repeated on this board a 1000 times.

        - TEVA & other companies sell MTX in pre-filled syringes outside of the US market. Why haven't they introduced this into the US if the market is so large? Is there anything that would prevent them from doing so? Do you feel it would present a significant competitor to the injector?

        - Injector will cost around $100 which is comparable to office visit. It provides ease of use for those with limited hand function, no pain, convenience..
        - They are welcome to introduce pre-filled syringes, but then individuals have to deal with sharps, difficulty with injection, cytotoxic. I mentioned Youtube videos of individuals giving self-injections & it didn't look that difficult, psorasis patients don't have limited hand dexterity.

        I didn't get anything out of his response that I haven't heard countless times or anything to eleviate my concerns whether warranted or not. He was pretty defensive so I decided not to push the topic since I didn't feel he could provide anything new.

        I asked a few other questions on insurance reimbursement push back, T, & Otrexups pending review. He assured me that ATRS had not received any communication, Investors would be informed promptly, yahoo posters were incorrect 100% of the time.

        Maybe I caught him at a bad moment, but it was surprising that I came away not liking the guy. I had some other questions on MTX uptake & PFE that I didn't bother asking & told him thanks for the time.

    • mempignataro Feb 20, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

      spoke with him last week

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