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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Feb 21, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    falling share price on above average volume

    I have always heard that this is not a good sign. Do not get me wrong, I have been long for over 3 years, so am in no way bashing. I am in no way an expert in stock market or appraising a stock as to its sp value. When it was $5, i thought no way it goes to $4. When Scott bailed at $4, I thought no way it goes to 3.70, then I thought , no way, to 3.40, now do we keep thinking the same way? We have dropped 40 percent since the high of last summer, yes I admit 10 per cent of that was due to dilution. However, basically every thing product wise is the same, and the overall market has reach new all time highs. Was the sp of last summer at 5.50 an anomyly that was not realistic? Did the late fall offering kill momentum? As I recall, rhe share price had been on a nice increase at the time dilution was announced, it was around 4.50, but offering was $4, and sp quickly dropped to that range. Is it possible that we continue to see this drop continue to $3 or so, and then a 50 per cent gain to 4.50 would not get some people back to break even if they bought near the highs. I realize I have posed several questions but would appreciate some constructive responses, starting with the first, is not the over average volume along with dropping share price a negative sign? I

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    • Downside is about $0.20, Upside $1-$2. That is how I see it. We maybe here for a week or so, but then up we go!

    • shadow, when you have time, please answer my questions. Plus, a tip, check out PSDV. Slowly gaining speed upward.

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      • Mo... it's 1043 pm East coast. maybe he's gone to bed. Whereas it is 1243 pm 22 Feb where I am in Asia... so I am wide awake. cheers. can't wait til tomorrow's trading session. it will be very interesting day. NDA acceptance still a few days away (even that won't really push the share higher as it is well anticipated already)... i am betting a 20-30 cent technical bounce soon. every stock has its day for a day or two even in this #$%$ downtrend.

    • are as full of it as a Christmas turkey.Review the last 14 days of trading and you will see that there were just a couple abnormal volume days.Now if you are in the "some institution is selling out" camp as me,it would not take much to drive down the price.We only do about 900K shares on an average, so therefore a 5-8 million share dump on top of retail freeking out and selling would cause this stock to go down.But being you like to relate to what Scott M. does all the time,why don't you go and ask him.Why your at it,tell him Shadow says hi :)

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      • shadow, I was hoping you would respond and address the questions I posed in my post. I do know, without looking at this time, that ATRS has been higher than normal for at least a week, I believe some days were near double the average. As for your take on some institutional dumping, that is plausible, do you have any actual knowledge? As for your reference to Scott, I can only say in hinsight, I wish I had followed his advice. He saved , as of today, right at $50 thousand, I would have been a few thousand better off myself. That is water under the bridge, how about re reading my original post and give a response to the questions I posed, think there were 3 or 4.. One more while I am at it. Not saying it will, but if sp keeps dropping, and we know the market ids due for correction, which may have started yesterday, and we know that in a market when fear takes over, bios get hit hard, ATRS share price can keep going down. At what point do you see yourself, if ever, selling? We know lots sold on the libigel news, and it was truly unwarrented. What do you see happening if we have a major correction?

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    • Overall yes, but in context no. The whole market dropped the last two days with strong volume, so I would not chalk it up all to weakness in the stick. There may be something there that is pulling this stock south, but we don't know why. Just a retail investor with random news and quarterly reports and such to go off us...nothing basically

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