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  • rdp140 rdp140 Mar 12, 2013 3:56 PM Flag

    Earnings Call in the AM

    does it make a differences as to when the earnings call is placed (before market opens or after hours)?

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    • jeff Mar 12, 2013 4:08 PM Flag

      The contents of the call matter, not the timing. If you're holding through this call, then be prepared for some disappointment. While nobody expects them to post a profit of any sort, the price is still going to tumble even further than it did today. Doesn't mean this can't be a good stock to own for the future, but it's pretty obvious the street is in a "show me" mood, and this call is only going to "show me" they are still bleeding money. I am holding, as I am a bag holder already, but if I were up right now, I'd be dumping this thing and buying back in a few days or weeks at a better price.

      Now I give way to the posters who tell me I have no business owning this stock, that I should sell and move on, etc, etc. Just for the record, I am a business owner, and i've done OK for myself. One of the reasons i've done OK is because I can be honest about situations, and in all honesty, this company obviously has some issues and everyone who dumped it after the dillution and insider sales were right, and that just burns the sunshine pumpers #$%$ to no end. I knew better than to hold through those events and I did it anyway, so I blame myself. Having said all that, I am also willing to give this thing more time, how much more time? I dunno, but for now I am holding. So crab at me all you want, but I do own substancial shares and have for a while, so go crab at those who've sold. I have not.

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      • Jeff.
        i will ask again, are you trading ATRS or investing ?
        Your post was to the point, but it show you are a trader (in this case position trader), who looks to get out at a break even point.
        i know you jump on ATRS following Scott, but what reason keep you here ? break even is not a reason, if you don't trust the company or management, you need to cut your losses and move on.

        I'm trading many stocks and I don't have any problem taking a loss when stock goes against me.
        But I'm also investing in ATRS with much longer time frame, but also lower price targets than the ones we have seen on this board.
        I was not happy when the stock pulled back from $5.5, but i also couldn't find the reason for the run from 2.7 to 5.5.
        Good luck

      • One of your more sensible post in a long time.Yes,earning will not mean much...unless there is a shocking surprise to the upside.But do not get your hopes up. When the news came out about OTREXUP and the stock did not shoot up like I anticipated,I threw all my "prediction" notes out the window. I currently own 5 stocks and ATRS being the largest by far. This one is the ONLY one that leaves me scratching my head EVERYDAY due to the price action. When I think it should be up,it's down. When I think it should be down,it's up. I have now declared I have no idea. One would think,after reviewing all that we have to offer,that we would be much higher.I feel we are worth every penny of 4.50-5.00 as we speak.But apparently,others differ. I guess when the seven virtues were written, they had ATRS in mind on patience.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Thanks Jeff. I do agree the matter is more important than timing. I figured some companies like to report in the AM whenever its a positive earnings report compared to expectations. But with this company, it has been getting beat up because she hasn't turned profitable in any of the quarters. I have been in with the company at $4.25, right before the dilution..i do think it is a good company, and willing to weather out the storm. (I have traded the company before when they were trading as AIS and turned up a good returned and put a hold on ATRS and brought back in before the downward PPS action, thinking i would have caught the bottom, but stuff happens, i m in long.).


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