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  • shadowplay1 shadowplay1 Mar 13, 2013 3:55 PM Flag

    The Bull Wagon

    Lost another wheel today. As for the CC today, it was actually better than most in the past.More clarity out of management and the only thing that jumped out at me was low sales with our products in Q4. But, just as Whogo and some others have said, a lot of companies thin their inventories out in the Q4. I know retail does this for tax purposes. As for the stock price hurts. I would have thought more people / investors would have got on the Speculation Train back in Feb. when OTREXUP approval was released. I do not see how we can rise in the next 3-4 months with nothing on the horizon until then. My point? Get ready to buy lower. NO, I HAVE NOT SOLD! But I will thin out SOME shares on any unworthy POP. In my opinion, it looks as we will be a $3-$4 stock for a long time....maybe until our breakout year of 2014?? Warrants, SA pump-jobs and milestone payments will only carry us so far. It's time for Antares to bring home the bacon!


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    • rymankoly Mar 14, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

      the bull wagon hahahahahahha who arr trying to fool shadow? rav and nammuang? those 2 idiots will believe anything you say.

    • calvina2 Mar 13, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

      you amaze me showdowplay. You have no idea what you want to do with your investment in ATRS. Brains of an investor today is one month and then sell or hold for one more month. That is considered long term. lol

    • Well, that was a pretty ugly trading day wasn't it! A lot of turnover to the downside for sure. Given my long term investment horizon I was extremely pleased with this mornings report. The company is being very transparent regarding laying out their strategic plan for the future.

      Apple said it: " As I stated earlier today, our results this year are representative of company evolving from a drug delivery model to a commercially focused specialty pharmaceutical company."

      Wotton said it: "In 2013, we will continue to transition from a royalty-driven business model to a product revenue-generating business model."

      And earlier during the CC Wotton said: "the bigger picture is the progress we've made on our internal pipeline as we shift this company towards a specialty pharmaceutical company that controls its own development destiny with products such as OTREXUP and QS T."

      FDA acceptance of Antares Otrexup was just that - an acceptance and not approval as we all know. That in itself was and is not transformational. The real transformational kick start will be the PDUFA when that comes in October or perhaps even earlier. Per Wotton: "This was an important milestone in the company's history, and given the timing of the filing, keeps us on track for an early 2014 launch, if not sooner." Again it was hit on by Leroux Jooste: "Later in the year, we will continue to expand our internal capabilities as we gear up to launch early 2014 or potentially sooner, as Paul had said."

      Between now and the PDUFA approval, (and sans any other unforeseen event, partnership, deal etc) the pps may very well drift back and forth as investors rotate in and out based on the transparency of the strategic plan. And that transparency works both ways if you catch my drift. Much can happen within the market noise between now and the end of the year. Until then, this shareholder will act like an insty fund and hold onto his shares for the LR to get SR.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Joseph Kennedy is getting his shoes shined and the shiner is telling us to sell !!!! That means its time to buy Shadow!

    • ATRS turning to a trading stock, in my opinion we will stay in 3.40-3.80 range for a while, I loaded up today between 3.50 down to 3.45, in the mean time I do think ~450M market cap is adequate, so when it pops back up to 3.80s I think selling might be a good idea, in the mean time I like long term growth potential, but you switch to buy-and-hold mode as we get closer towards the end of the year

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