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  • stockwaun stockwaun Mar 23, 2013 9:07 PM Flag

    Consortium Identifies Vibex QSM as Midazolam: MIDA-INJECTOR!!!

    Antares after Vibex Epinephrine, Vibex Methotrexate, and Vibex Testoterone, recognizes that its "Cammed Ram" patent which reference Midazolam is positioning the company for the biggest piece of pie investors have seen yet.

    Picture this...

    911 call. "My son is having seizures. Please help."

    The ambulance arrives and the Antares Mida-Injector is in the pouch of the EMTs. The doctor at the ER instructs them to inject the patient to stop the seizures. It works.

    Then picture this...

    Angie's going in for day-surgery and hates needles. Thanks to the Mida-Injector she has nothing fear. No pain. No memory. Just lah-lah land for an easy procedure.

    The Consortium recognizes that Antares Pharma has built a portfolio of injector drugs that are off-patent, yet need their painless injector system.

    Mida-Injector will change 911 calls... Emergency room treatments... Out-patient surgery. It's very exciting and Antares is going for the BIG DADDY!!!


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    • Not even a slim chance it's midazolam. It causes a high incidence of respiratory depression and is only used in hospital settings.

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      • Rph, I guess I should be clearer on my posts, but I don't get paid for this so it is what it is. I never said anything about midazolam IV or fentanyl IV for use at home. I consider fentanyl a much more dangerous drug then midazolam in the hands of someone without training, but its been approved for home use. If I just looked at the label for fentanyl injection like your doing for midazolam then there's no way you would have ever thought it was possible. I realize this is a waste of time since we don't know if ATRS is considering this drug, but I just think your being closed minded.

      • Whogo, I'll go ahead and say that I don't believe you are a CRNA. You treat the drugs you use for sedation and anesthesia, like they could be safely used at home without anyone hurting themselves. If you were who you say you are, you wouldn't be promoting it's use at home. Fentanyl injection is NOT sold at retail, AT ALL. A CRNA, would know this. And a CRNA would also know that an accidental overdose of fentanyl, would be a huge risk of death. FDA doesn't do that kind of risk, so that's why you only see it in hospitals. Opioids are only sold at retail if there is little to no chance of respiratory depression (hydrocodone, oxycodone). Side effects are almost identical regardless of route when looking at a SPECIFIC opioid. The only thing that determines extent of the side effects is the total systemic dose and plasma levels. Amnesia is rare with Xanax. Ambien is not a benzodiazepine. Why would we want to develop the third drug of choice for acute seizures after Ativan and Valium? Diastat rectal is the retail treatment for acute seizures. I don't think the FDA would be cool with parents trying to give an injection to a flailing child during a seizure, either. We're done Whogo.

      • I can't reply to the other post for some reason.

        RPH, your using the warning label, but what I'm saying is that ATRS wouldn't have the same label since its SQ.

        Fentanyl & other opioids can cause respiratory depression or death & its sold at the retail level. Why? The dosage & route play a part in the safety of every drug. Why is midazolam any different? Go look at the label for Fentanyl injection as an example:

        As far as amnesia - Have you ever taken a Xanax, Ambien, or other benzo? They all give amnesia properties to a certain extent.

        If ATRS asked the FDA for approval of a 2 mg SQ midazolam injector to treat seizures for individuals 10 yrs & above then I can't imagine it would have a hard time making it through the approval process.

      • The problem is that all hospitals are extremely cost conscious. Auto-injectors cost extra money, and everyone there is trained to draw up a syringe.

      • There's no reason to assume that EVERY Antares injector is for retail. I hardly doubt it. In this case, selling into hospitals could be worth a ton of money!!!

        STRONG BUY

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      • I think you've proven my point that it's only given in hospital settings. Thanks. That's all I said, and that it won't be developed for retail. The FDA says you must have trained personel to give it with ventilation assistance devices and/or reversal meds available. Surgery, preop is about the only time you or anyone sees it. It's not the drug of choice when used for strictly anxiety, unless preop. Since you know all of this already and are also aware of the amnesia that it causes, I'm not sure why you would promote it being used at home anyway. All we need is about 10 at home deaths from overdose from it, and it gets yanked from the market immediatly, even if it were to get approved.

      • I give midazolam in the hospital setting, I'm a CRNA. I don't put people on monitors nor does anyone else in the US which shows you how safe it is & we're giving it IV in most cases which is a lot less forgiving then SQ. Midazolam is one of the safest drugs out there. There's a huge difference in seeing the drugs effects on a daily basis then reading it in a book. We don't even monitor kids after giving them the midazolam syrup. This is done thousands of times every day.

        The doses necessary to stop respirations are way above what ATRS would be producing.

      • Whogo, I'm not attacking you, buy we're talking about injectable forms here. We're not developing a PO form. If you're saying you've given it thousands of times in a non-hospital setting, then you're not being honest. If this goes retail, people will die from it. I'm a pharmacist with a history of hospital and retail experience, and I've never dispensed midazolam in a retail pharmacy. I'll also include the "Black Box Warning: Midazolam syrup has been associated with respiratory depression and respiratory arrest, especially when used for sedation in noncritical care settings. Midazolam syrup has been associated with reports of respiratory depression, airway obstruction, desaturation, hypoxia, and apnea, most often when used concomitantly with other CNS depressants (eg, opioids). Midazolam syrup should be used only in hospital or ambulatory care settings, including physicians' and dentists' offices, that can provide for continuous monitoring of respiratory and cardiac function. Immediate availability of resuscitative drugs and age- and size-appropriate equipment for ventilation and intubation, and personnel trained in their use and skilled in airway management should be ensured (see Warnings). For deeply sedated patients, a dedicated individual, other than the practitioner performing the procedure, should monitor the patient throughout the procedure.

      • rph, I've given midazolam via the IV & oral route (syrup) thousands of times to patients from 90 yrs old to 2 yrs. Its a very safe drug. The tablet form is available outside the US. I imagine there's never been a big push for midazolam tablets in the US due to availability of long acting benzo's.

        I'm sure ATRS could work it out with the FDA to get a SQ dosage approved.

    • Let's deal in reality because the Consortium invests in millions. Midazolam is very commonly used for surgeries and by interventional radiology for short procedures in the hospital every day.

      You see, we're one step ahead of every one of you. (Don't kid yourself! Paul Wotton WISHES HE HAD PUSHED THIS AHEAD OF TESTOSTERONE.)

      Pfizer, out and out, wants the Mida-Injector.

      STRONG BUY (See you all above plus $6)

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      • Just out of curiosity, is there more than one stockwaun as well?

        As far as Midazolam, the indication discussed was as a strong anti seizure agent. This seems to me an emergency setting well suited for the Vibex disposable injector.

        When used as a sedative in the pre op setting it is administered as an IV, as best I understand, and not as an injection so it seems this would not be the label ATRS is after just as they obviously don't pursue the leukemia indication for MTX - also administered by IV.

        I am hopeful that we will soon learn the meaning of the enigmatic M in QSM.

    • I'm with you on the midazolam train, but not so much before surgery. They've got this stuff called liquid midazolam that kids like even more then even a painless injector. I give it to kids all day long.

      The midazolam train is leaving the station. Hop on board this ride to funky town.

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      • Warrant holders expected plus $6... (some of you need to grasp this)

        STRONG BUY

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      • The Consortium "discovered" that Antares is (1) looking for drugs of choice off-patent, (2) fits the viscous profile, and (3) lends a distinct advantage for marketing purposes...

        It has been realized that Antares is heading for a pps we won't identify. This is much bigger than warrants and/or endless theories.

        Antares has been building an enviable portfolio and now that the pps is a steal, it's going to get stolen! $3.62 is a literal gift!!!

        STRONG BUY

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    • The reason Pfizer is moving on Antares is multi-fold:

      1) Known issues - Advil Gel... NestraGEL is a monstrous market and usurps the thinking of small minded YB members like BSAV, for example... NestraGEL is a female contraceptive and Pfizer will take the whole global market...

      2) Scott Matusow insightful knowledge

      3) The ramping up of the injector line is MUCH BIGGER THAN MOST LONGS HERE can begin to grasp. Antares works from the position of strength... Tev-Tropin led to EpiPen... EpiPen has led to Sumatriptan and Methotrexate... Methotrexate led to Testosterone... but the biggest opportunity is the anti-seizure Vibex that will become the standard injector for EMT crews/ambulance workers, ERs, and out-patient surgery... We are talking about the Mida-Injector!!!

      With warrants heating up for June, the talk about Antares being a "take-out" target is heating up too. (Warning: You could see a rapid rise above $6 pps as this information is absorbed by the Consortium.)

      Antares is worth plus $10-12 on a take-out. Lower figures represent a bush-league understanding. No disrespect but Paul Wotton is scrambling to get the pps much higher.


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      • Great info, thanks It's well known that Pfizer will buy them out in late summer/ Fall but the price I've heard was 7-9 from several analyst, but 12 would be great!! Long ATRS PS: buying more Mon 25th

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      • This poster MBUS asks a beautiful question.

        Given Antares hit well-above $5 plus, one would imagine that with the discovery of recent news you wouldn't be too quick or too slow, but whatever you do, you would invest to make money. The reality is, Antares' pps is so sickeningly low, it has miles and miles to run. (Just read up on QSM)

        Happy investing!!! (With warrants ahead, even bigger money is ahead!!!)

        STRONG BUY

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      • mbus57 Mar 23, 2013 10:59 PM Flag

        Stockwaun , My question to you is what price will you be getting out? I know you won,t be waiting for the alleged buy out. My guess is $4.50 or when the momentum dies.

      • Whether given with Fentanyl or called Versed, you can bet EMTs and Hospitals are using it!!!

        You can also bet Jack Howarth is doing all he can to keep the lid on what their up to!!! WHOOPS JACK!!!

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      • hb9702 Mar 23, 2013 9:51 PM Flag

        "Paul Wotton is scrambling to get the pps much higher"

        Where is your evidence? Insider sells? There you go.

        If Paul did anything to the stock price recently, it was to damage it. He makes millions in compensation. Can't he easily buy couple hundred thousand shares on the Open Market to show his conviction? Almost, all his 537K ATRS shares are through grants. Shameful for a CEO when it comes to Open Market transactions.

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