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  • nthnsh nthnsh May 2, 2013 10:03 PM Flag

    Scott Matusow back in ATRS today...10K at $3.78

    That's what he tweeted today around noon
    You can see that on SA's ATRS webpage on tweets

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    • for what it's worth, Scott is targeting $4.25 - $4.75 for short term. Still targets $7-$10 for late summer early fall buyout. He's clearly interested only because of a warrant expiration related move in the short term and a buyout in the medium term.

      in any case, he's more of a run up specialist dowadays.

      personally, since last year's parabolic move was with a lot more warrants than this year, and we have more outstanding shares this year versus last, I do not expect the move to be quite "parabolic" this time around.
      I am still targeting $4.5 ~ $5 at the top range by July.

      But we may (should) get some material news re: PFE OTC product and few other key developments, so if these news are timed right, we could get additional boost. Also the 16 June Endo-2013 comments on BC gel could also help boost the stock. So who knows we could be looking at $5 stock by July. But w/ anything, not totally sustainable in terms of PPS.

      August and Sept could be consolidation so there may be some decline (into $4's again), before potential run up into Oct decision.

      This is how I see it anyway... not exact but just a personal expectation.

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      • jeff May 3, 2013 7:42 AM Flag

        So steve, you're saying SM traded ATRS, made some coin, but he's a dork for doing so? His few pennies was proly closer to 5-6%, and he was right to do so, yet again. Not sure why people rail on the guy, he makes money, so what if he does it differently than how you do it? I would be willing to bet his year end results are better than yours, sooooo.....whatev. ATRS has given a lot of investors reasons for being a trader with this stock as opposed to holding it. Look at the last 7 months +/-. If this stock were an EKG, it would be declared clinically dead. You people ragging on the guy look so freaking dumb. You hold this pig and it bleeds daily, he trades it and makes coin, but he's the idiot? Got it.

    • SM recently was pumping Dara, Aveo and some other bio (something about weight loss using electrical pulse?, I forgot the name) and all 3 crashed few days later...he makes good picks and then he makes some bad ones, just like rest of us...glad there he is back with ATRS

    • Ha! The last time he bought was $3.55 and he took a few pennies with him about a week later. I also bought then, never sold, added more today at $3.74 and won't be selling for years. I like his articles, don't get his trading pattern. Good luck longs, Scott--settle in for the ride!

    • Who cares what he buys or sells. He used to yield some price moving abilities with his articles but those days disappeared when his inflated ego appeared. He's in my opinion, a glorified day trader. Nothing more.

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