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  • whogo70 whogo70 Jun 24, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    The market is taking a hit since a bunch of idiots bought stocks/bonds/metals

    on margin & when things start going down their forced to sell. Its the same old thing of individuals leveraging up & a lack of controls. Anyone else have a better explanation of whats going on.

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    • jeff Jun 24, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

      Nothing earth shattering or new here....but my take (which is about the same as everyone's) is the market has been on an artificial high for a long time because our fearless gov't has been priming the pump. As soon as they dared speak about pulling out, we are seeing the correction most predicted would happen. Metals, while currently down, are going to do well in the near future. Again, nothing everybody didn't already know, but that has got to be a large part of what we're seeing. Always found it interesting that market highs couldn't drag ATRS out of the gutter for the last year though. With each passing day Oct. gets a little closer though, but now we have to worry about an overall market correction that will most likely keep ATRS from hitting a level we had hoped for.

      In short, I have no freaking idea what will happen with ATRS.

    • Buying stocks while ignoring what has really been going on in the world and easy Central Bank money all over the world, or maybe...just the long overdue correction. Hoping for the latter...liquidated all Bond fund positions and on the sidelines waiting for hopefully some stability .

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