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  • kc_ptot kc_ptot Sep 13, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    Really glad I sold 1/3 of my holdings here.... buy something else. Still believe in ATRS, but good grief - there comes a point when I just look at this and ask myself......dead money? hold till whatever date that keeps getting pushed out? or have my money work for me in any number of other stocks that are actually going UP! I've held ATRS since late 2009 - unfortunately due to timing of buys, my average is a lot higher so I'm up but not as much as one might think given how long I've held. In fact, I took my ATRS $$ and increased my holdings in CUR (neuralstem) this week which has been on fire; in just this one week with CUR, I've surpassed the $$ I've made holding ATRS for almost 4 years! My only regrets are I didn't do it sooner - I've passed on a lot of exciting stocks (Sarepta, Celldex) to stay true to this one. Perhaps ATRS is the tortoise to the CUR, CLDX, etc hares and maybe I'll pick up more shares again later on with my profits from other stocks...

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    • You've been in this stock since 09 when it was around .50 and now it's over $4.00. 8 bagger in 4 years sounds like a pretty solid investment, don't you think?

    • KC I'm with you. Had most of my cash locked up in ATRS while I watched GALT triple in 6 months. Sucked. I did sell a small position in ATRS at the open Monday to add to my CUR position. Best move I've made in a while. I almost cashed out all of ATRS Monday to buy CUR but thought it unwise. Oh well. Hoping for some kind of pop in this dead dog soon.

    • Holding my 82K shares of ATRS of just "sitting still" surely beats the 20K losing shares of NPCUF that me and YOU use to own!! Okay, you can delete this post after this. Don't tell any one that you and I held that stock :))))

      Have a great weekend KC.


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      • Hahahahaha! Good one, Shadow (I was trying to forget that fiasco - however, I did not sell any of my ATRS shares to buy that disaster!) - AND I might add - if ATRS was a bit more EXCITING I wouldn't have tried having a love affair with another stock like NPCUF. However, I've made what I lost in that stock and more with CUR this week. If you're not invested, you should check it out - their stem cell treatments for ALS are proving very exciting and they have a lot more in their pipleine.

        I'm still long ATRS - and who knows - the rate it's going, I may get my cake and eat it too - make money with other stocks while this one goes up 3 cents and down 7 cents - and buy back my shares I sold around the price I sold it. And no, I won't delete your post :)

        Have a nice weekend too - glad to see you back posting - I've been over at IHUB too since many of my favorite posters (Jab, Bsav, Ryman, TD) now hang out over there. Still got a few over here I like - Whogo, Loko, yourself, FMurph.....

    • LOL I have no such sudden inspirations. My sales are automatic, programmed if you will. When Wotton automatically cashes in part of his vested options, I sell a more or less similar percentage of my initial position. If Wotton would cash out his entire supply of vested options, I would be out of ATRS. It is all automatic. If automatic is good enough for him, it suits me also.

      Anton has been cashing in his stock holdings, not options.

      I have lost all interest in daydream analyses based on hunches, wishful thinking, spiteful thinking... anything but fact, since facts are unavailable in sufficient detail and what is available makes Wotton's actions look financially reasonable.

    • jeff Sep 13, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

      End of October can't get here quick enough for me. Ready to sell the rest of what I hold and move on myself. I'm one of the lucky one's though, I sold a bunch when this thing was $5.25....I'm with you though, enough is enough already, and by that I mean I've had it with Mr. Howmuchamiworthnow and his insider sells.

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      • ....which is what I should've done! But anyway, I'm still holding shares - although if you look at people's price estimates upon approval its not much higher than we are now: high 4's to low 5's.
        Okay, I get it - 2014 break out year - we'll see what it is by end of 2014, but I think I'll definitely re-evaluate by then if not sooner. Just won't have ATRS be my largest holding in my portfolio anymore.

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