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  • komboloi59 komboloi59 Oct 22, 2013 7:39 PM Flag


    Look at the five year chart. Then I suggest y'all stop whining and checking the stock price every hour. If you are that desperate for a short term pop or a buyout, you aren't an investor. You're just a trader. And traders usually end up losing money. We LT investors win in the end with good companies. Traders who whine about their losses have no sympathy from me. Only children and cry babies hang around hot stoves and complain about the heat. Smart grownups enjoy the growing warmth from a distance, knowing that the whole house will eventually warm up to a nice level.

    Tip: check the stock price only once per month. You'll sleep better.

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    • jeff Oct 23, 2013 8:13 AM Flag

      No offense meant I swear, and this will come out harsher than I mean it to...but this is just another version of the "Relax guys, I got in a long time ago and I am way up, so you more recent buyers shouldn't be complaining".

    • I am 3 years holding too. I must say, following a FDA approval and a material DROP in price is odd for me. However, the approval was probably already baked in and people bought the rumor and sold the news. I think this is getting manipulated a bit, day traded and such. However, I am with you, if MGT can execute the vision, then we'll be fine. But, IF, is the current concern and I believe this holds true with Mr. Market as current PPS reflects. MGT needs to walk the talk now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • So am I right to complain. I bought at 4.03 last year right after the dilution offering and for one full year I have had sunshine pumped up my toot on how wonder management is. YOU stick around for a year and then lets see if you have become any wiser. I damn sure have :)

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      • So you are only up 5% in a year? In small cap pharma. And you're panicking. Right into the hands of others with a longer vision, who will buy your shares eagerly. I've been long this company for three years. And that's short in my investing horizon.

        If you don't need the money today, relax. If you do, why are you in low cap pharma? I'll end up with a 200% return over 5 years, and I'll get there. So will you, but you have to be patient. Get rich quick schemes are a trap for the greedy and impatient. And one year is nothing in waiting for a good investment to pay off.

        PS Being patient for a year when it comes to investing in a growth stock is not patience.

    • Anyone who lectures others about long term investing is pi$$ed about their own holdings!

    • very good note kombolo!!!

    • I have some long-term holdings. At other times I swing trade and occasionally day trade. No one method occupies any moral high ground. Everyone has their own approach and can make their own decisions. They do, however, have one thing in common, they aren't clamoring to be lectured by you. Reading through your posts, you're just another spammer trying to influence the share price for your own benefit by passing yourself off as some hokey homespun sage.

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      • Just a lowly LT investor in this growth company. Swing trading is fine, and if you can do it successfully over the long term, my hat is off to you. I'm neither smart enough nor lucky enough. I went long ATRS three years ago, and I'm still long for a reason: I'm going to make good money. Because I'm patient.

        But my eyes are wide open, and I digest ALL the info, not just that which validates my optimistic preconceptions.

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