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  • whogo70 whogo70 Jan 23, 2014 1:00 PM Flag

    3 GALE directors sold 850K shares in the $6's on Jan 17.

    At least we haven't seen big dumps like that.

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    • Pretty amazing whogo! Sometimes I wonder of the potential of how many bashers on this board could be associated with the "DreamTeam Group or some associate or freelancer?

      "In July 2013, Galena paid $50,000 to a subsidiary of The DreamTeam Group for 240 days of "advertising, branding, marketing, investor relations and social media services," according to a disclaimer on The DreamTeam Group's Web site.

      [Update: Following publication of this story, DreamTeam Group removed the Galena compensation disclosure from its web site. Here is the screen shot disclosing Galena's payment to DreamTeam Group.]

      Publicly traded companies routinely pitch their stock to new investors, but some of DreamTeam's marketing tactics appear to resemble stock promotion schemes which run afoul of standard investor relations practices. Among its other services, DreamTeam Group operates more than two dozen investor Web sites with names like "Home Run Stocks," "Touchdown Stocks," "Quality Stocks," and "Tout Sheet." The Web sites entice investors with stock picks that can "trade for at least a 100% profit."

      All the stock picks touted on these DreamTeam Web sites, including Galena, are paying clients -- a fact omitted from the Web sites unless someone clicks on a small disclaimer link.

      Galena was promoted on many of the DreamTeam stock-touting Web sites to create "market buzz about the company to a new group of investors," according to a DreamTeam document, "Galena Biopharma Case Study: Investor Awareness Campaign" obtained by TheStreet."

    • Hi Whogo. Don't mind my curiosity (my name is George); did you not unload all your shares last week? You were summoning the troops (your followers/admirers) to that effect, it seemed at least. So where do you stand? You did see my post applauding you as a "Master Mind Ventriloquist"? Funny, you do crack me up.

    • "The contra-indicator trolls" strike again"! Buy, buy, buy Gale et al ,so they can sell, sell, sell!

      IMO, it's extremely comforting to see the scamsters bashing ATRS on a regular basis. The sincerest form of complement!

      Looks like Adam Feuerstein flushed out the vermin in question but more disconcerting is the Gale insider connection.

      What will the trolls pump next? I can hardly wait!


    • Interesting,
      the CEO did not sell a single share since he was elected in Apr 2011.
      Why is he only accumulating his shares?
      He must have some hidden agenda. We need somebody to investigate.

    • I got in gale at $2 and sold for big gains. They sound smart to me!

    • Yes whogo I see your reading twitter boars...what's your twitter handle?

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