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  • auagboy auagboy Sep 3, 2010 10:55 PM Flag

    NDA application <10 days?

    there are investor conference presentations scheduled for 9/14 9/15 and 9/16. looka to me like affy thinks they have something new to present.

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    • Problem is that the mm will have the rest of this week to play with the stock without news.

      Probably should just ignore the stock until next week because it will most likely bring a significant increase in volume and maybe that will pressure the shorts to more fuel to the fire by covering...JMO

    • This week is going to be very interesting.

      They were supposed to meet with FDA tohave preliminary discussions on the PH 3 data as well as filing for NDA. They are keeping it close to their Chest, since I'm pretty confident AMGEN the biggest competitor WILL DO ANYTHING to harm AFFY's prospects.

      TAKEDA's association is HUGE and due to the vulnerability it poses for a small firm, I feel Takeda should take over and drive this company forward.

      Due to AMGN's association & partnership with Takeda on couple of other drugs, AMGN will not be in a position to screw things up. However I would expect a complete cooperation btw AMGN& Takeda so that AMGN becomes the owner of AFFY so that both Takeda and AMGN benefit immensely.

      But what about JNJ here? Very strange equation. JNJ will fight it out bigtime for owning AFFY to challenge AMGN's monopoly and control the synthetic peptide Platform.


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      • This is yet another of your deluded wet dreams, not one part of which is remotely likely (are you 14 yrs old?). And bidding war for AFFY? lol Takeda is happy with it's current stake in AFFY and is prepared to write it off it come to naught -- and Amgen is breathing a sigh of relief. AFFY isn't even on J&J's event horizon.

      • Jag, "so that AMGN becomes the owner of AFFY so that both Takeda and AMGN benefit immensely." Interesting theory and for this to playout there must be a lot of other business between Takeda and Amgn for Takeda to let go of control of affy since they financed the Hema development to date.

        My guess is that Takeda takes affy home but there is still room for a friendly relationship with Takeda & Amgen providing it is not anticompetitive. Certainly, if Takeda takes affy that may test the partnerships between Takeda and Amgen on other drugs.

        Also, believe Arlene (world's best stock trader) serves as the affy ceo at the pleasure of Takeda and stays as long Takeda decides. At this point, it is just a babysitting job; key decisions are made by Takeda most likely. Would suppose her large stock sales were negotiated for Takeda to purchase and indicate her short time status.

      • The Takeda and Amgen strategy is to accumulate cheap shares until the drug is approved. When approval occurs they will buy the rest of Affy stock at way higher prices giving them a lower avg cost per share.

        Interesting information from Jag regarding partnership with Amgn and Takeda. Agree this is a waiting game and the last shares will be much higher.

      • great analysis.

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