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  • jtechkid1969 jtechkid1969 Oct 5, 2010 5:17 PM Flag

    FYI big call volume in oct

    Some in nov too- FYI

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    • easy: I put so much of money and faith here, only to see it vanish.

      I'm not sure what JNJ will do next? They can create a scene tomorrow and file a patent lawsuit against AFFY which will bring the share price another 20-30%.

      Do not bet your farm here, it may go to $20-25 too, but there is going to be lots of shakeout in btw.

      Arlene is NOT A SCIENTIST or a QUALIFIED person to run the show. She is JUST AN OFFICE MANAGER! Ann Marie is a Bookworm not a professional Biologist (in the business sense). She can teach and can't work in a business environment.

      There are lots of headwinds here. I won't be adding 1 share here. Having said I don't have anything to sell on the pop, will have to wait till the final outcome.

      It could retest more than previous lows, if there is no move from either one (Takeda/JNJ) soon.

      Arlene atleast should do us a favour now to call JNJ and find a resolution to this mess, in fact she was a familiar face @JNJ!

      Or Takeda should move and acquire (may not be a huge premium $15 max) and deal with JNJ later.

      Sorry folks, I was way too optimistic on this one!


    • jagan,

      its been a rough ride for you with affy. i dont blame u for pulling the trigger on most of your shares. hopefully, like u said, maybe a jnj or takeda buy out, sooner than later and u recoup your loses. good luck.

      in your opinion do u see more downward pressure or does it level out around 6.00?

    • kb: I wish there are no issues, still I hold a considerable position. I overstretched on this one recently and sold most of them today for a loss. Just holding 4 K shares, will wait till the end.

      I lost faith in the mgmt,Arlene seems more of a professional trader than a responsible CEO. She should have used the Cash to shore up the share price when it fell hard 3 months ago.

      I'm not sure what their plans are, I see a slim chance of JNJ buying them out, without making much fuss and close the issue once and for all!

      They will cooperate with Takeda for Hematide and rest of the further development will be from their side!

      ALL JMHO! I did sell majority of my shares today, since too much of lost opportunity due to AFFY!


    • They're meeting with the FDA sometime the fall and going forward with the dialysis patients. That should really boost the PPS. Not to mention the conference in middle of november and the milestone payments from Takeda. All of this within the next two months. Check out the presentation at the last conference. They pretty much layed out all the upcoming catalysts.

      Personally I don't think $15 is out the question by late Jan. And that is what they are betting on.

    • Maassive call volume the last 3 days and it nothing to with this news-

      What are thry betting big on ?

    • It has no effect hematide- this lawsuit been public since 2004

      Jagan going negative is probably the bullish thing for affy since he's been pumping it saying it worth 15$ just on cash, nol and platform, forget about this lawsuit ha.

      Jagan probably has a house call buying nflx at 170$ so he using reverse psychology if he's so negative on affy it might finally go up.

      Keep it up japan

    • Aren't you forgetting the point that even if J&J does own the patent from here on out, that AFFY still believes that it does not cover Hematide. Specifically 078 which was J&J's sole ownership. The company has strong evidence that Hematide does not infringe on that patent. That's why they are saying that it will not affect the drug. That's why Takeda put such a big stake in it.

    • Despite Affy's assertion, if the Patents issue resolved "SHARED EQUALLY" it would have been very positive for AFFY atleast for Hematide.

      These entire spectrum is interlinked, tomorrow if JNJ disputes saying Hematide infringes JNJ owned patent, it becomes imperative, AFFY needs to prove they did not.

      JNJ's money power is huge and it can drag forever. AFFY needs to succumb to strong arm tactics of JNJ!

      it is not a Safe play here. My intention was for a Takeda Buyout which was earlier 95%, now it is 5%!

      For me it is over! Arlene is NOT a SINCERE CEO! She is going to take care of her and leave the rest.


    • Monster call volume 3 days on a row out of nowhere . This news as affy Said basily means not much regarding if company s like takeda ect want
      the drug . It means nothing except you go to court for 5-10 years or you settle for a royalty payment with jnj . The key is the drug , and does jnj or takeda want to buy the whole thing? Obvious they both want the drug and patent . As affy has stated this ruling has no bearing if they won or lost in the selling of the drug.

      The funny thing most of the after-hours volume 25k is from guys on this board - ha

      My point the big call volume or buy interest in my opinion has nothing to do this ruling . You would think the big call buying is eculation on a filing with FDA or a takeover.

      The big guy buying the calls in size has nothing to do with the outcome of this minor ruling. Affy has all along said no matter what the decision it will have bearing on filing and selling the drug. That's the main point.

      Nobody buying calls based on this decision is my point .

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      • I'm not sure how long you have been in this stock?

        The point is, the Patent issue should have been resolved in such a way that both "AFFY" & "JNJ" both owns the patent jointly.

        That was the expectation of the street and more so in favour of AFFY.

        Rightnow JNJ has the upper hand, look at what happened to Roche drug, AMGN got it stopped from entering US for patent violation. This is a very serious issue.

        JNJ has the muscle to squeeze Affy. Takeda will watch from the sidelines and they will not make a move.

        The incentive here was, Takeda might buy them out, now this is gone!

        So do your DD and it will take more than a year for the drug to get approved provided JNJ didn't place the wrench!

        I still hold a core position, but expect the share to drop bigtime on huge volume.

        GLTA LONGS!!

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