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  • jtechkid1969 jtechkid1969 Oct 13, 2010 3:02 PM Flag

    Regarding "May" and "Could"

    the mistake you make is the"co own" every patent but one so in worst case JNJ will get royalty on patents regarding the drug which is more than discounted in the stock. The next phase is this was brought against 6 years ago if affy goes to court expect 3-5 years for a final ruling if they have not settled before then. One thing I dont understand in ALL affy filing in last 3 years they have said this rulling will have zero effect in marketing and selling the drug whether they win or lose. So if affy won the stock would be 12$, no way.

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    • my next point is this was a 25$stock and they raised over 400million with this ruling in arbitration. Their is zero chance affy could have been at that level if this ruling was so important- common sense.

      Another view if affy had perfect phase 3 results and stocks was now 50$ and this ruling came out so the stock would have gone down 50% because of this ruling- no way. this case was in market for years and big boys knew it was MINOR compared if you think the drug has value. The stock has been around 5-7$ range since the release that killed the stock- this news is noise and tired investors are selling. the whole key which has been in last 5 years was can this drug get approved.

    • I thought patent '078 relating to Hematide was decided to solely belong to J&J. Other patents are co-owned, but the '078 seems to be the most important.
      Did I misunderstand the article?

    • Also, if that holds up in the appeals process. Can J&J stop AFFY's continued clinical development? Then what becomes of AFFY?

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