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  • v_beachcomber v_beachcomber Mar 24, 2011 4:20 PM Flag

    This could be the reason

    Fidelity getting ripped off they are fcuking mad and are behind this suspicious trading pattern. Although as much I'd hate to see it, I wouldn't be surprised to see Fidelity selling off their position. Any thoughts???

    I might consider trimming down my position here.
    There is certainly a possibility that this will drop to lower 5's.

    My .02

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    • My thoughts are...don't bother sharing your opinions here. You don't have a clue as to what's going on or whether anyone is selling, certainly no insight as to whether Fidelity specifically is selling. Great call on XOMA by the way, hope you didn't lose your house.

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      • Dittos M!

      • You're right I'm clueless as what's going on here, and I'm pretty sure you are too and as a matter of fact most of the investor community is on the same page where we are. Do you think Fidelity is stupid have bought in just before the dilution. Yesterday 1.7Million shares traded and did you see any price movement. Today was just like yesterday over a million shares traded and end result the pps is right where it was yesterday. Top that with all that mysterious trades that you don't know was on the ask or the bid.

        One thing that I do know and doesn't need clues to establish is that this management is corrupt. First it was Arlene and now Orwin. Whenever there is a run up you get a shock. I've been shocked several times in last couple of months to really start thinking practically rather than fall in love with AFFY.

        This is where you share your opinion and I'm sure you'd like critical arguments rather than a biased one. Either ways you can really shut me with a click. Its called Ignore user. Do me a favor and click it.

        And by the way I did get burnt playing XOMA and I guess there were a many others too. If you claim to have never lost playing a Bio stock you are just jerking off here.

    • I don't think Fidelity can be shaken out of position that easily. They r not selling, no way

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