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  • toowan12 toowan12 Apr 10, 2011 8:12 AM Flag

    I have got a dream.........

    TI just took out Nat'l. Semi at approx. 80% premium. Affy could go back to 8 this week, do the math. If you believe hema gets approved what do you think the company's worth?

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    • toowan: you are right.

      They talk of 3 BLN annual sales in US for Dialysis population.

      Even if gets 1/3rd, which is 1 BLN, @atleast 4 X revenue it is 4 BLN.

      With 50% sharing basis, it is 2 BLN, just in US alone.

      For Takeda, it is a win / win even if they pay 500 MLN right now.

      In fact @$15 per share it is a FREE transaction for Takeda. I posted this earlier how this is FREE at $15 of course with 25 MLN shares. Additional 10 MLN shares dilution will decrease a bit.

      JMHO, this new issue and grabbing shares for ordinary folks are all perfect setup for a Takeda/JNJ buyout JMHO!


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      • I reached the same conclusion as you. This is almost a net free transaction for Takeda. If you throw in J&J it is a big win.... Notice I said first offer... I believe this could be a two step after feeling out the reaction of shareholders. Even another party might show its hand later. My 2 cents worth of knowledge, I would make the move now even before filling NDA and cut all other potential offers out of the game..

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