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  • jmekari jmekari Feb 16, 2012 3:39 PM Flag

    Avoinding Rumors

    To avoid rumors, could someone who has contacted PR in the past verify if FDA's ruling is still slated for March 27th?



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    • Maybe I'm being sensitive, but it felt like an attack to me, which I won't stand for after taking the time to try and contribute in a meaningful way.


    • getbillasap, I liked your honest posts until I read this one. Uncalled for.

      Sorry about your mother.


    • I babied my shares since 4.29. So suck on that. EOM

    • Was my comment too-much-to-the-point for you? Next time I will try to be a bit more liberal and soft just for you. See i i can fluff it uP and more more sensitive. Will that work? Thank you! - the Jackass

    • fds, thank you for the post and warning. You are dead-on. I do not understand the short's mentality. It would be one thing if they told the truth. Instead, they feel compelled to spread false rumors and illogic hoping to spread panic among the longs and trigger a dumping chain reaction. Totally immoral. How could they sleep at night?

      I like to make money. I like others to make money as well. My natural thinking is to find a good company with a good growth potential and buy some of its shares. If I see a company I do not like, I avoid it. It is that simple. I would not short it and jump on its board and begin a bash attack. That would be ruthless and dishonest. I strongly believe shorting oughta be banned. I do not know why allow it in the first place. How could you sell shares you do not own??? Shorting is exactly directing an assult on a company, in my opinion. If you notice, when markets are doomed, SEC bans short selling of the bleeding sector for a while, just like they did the financials a couple of years ago. If shorting was such a good deed, then why ban in during bad markets? Shorting is a wicked tool that allows institutions to manipulate in a legal way. It is the legalized cocaine of trading. I applaud options, calls or puts. Not shorting. Not naked shorting or any breed of the shorting family for that matter.


    • Jam,do you still own YMI?

    • Oh, I forgot to say that it would seem only Advisory Committee meetings are scheduled on the calendar. The PDUFA is anyone's guess.

    • Just got out of my board meeting for a small company. I am on the board of a few other small companies and non-profit organizations.

      Don't take my words at face value. This is a Message Board. :-)

      I never started any rumor that we will NOT get notification from FDA before March 27. I simply pointed it out in my own DD that in March calendar ODAC meetings do not have AFFY drug approval on their agenda.

      I ignored all the "uneducated" cheerleaders on this message board, because I really don't care what they have to say, besides they never post any real information, except their own belief that the early approval will come. :-)

      I stated that I am holding this stock, yet my "observation" is being attacked as Soft Bashing? Which I have never heard of such thing. :-) If I am not one of the cheerleaders, then I MUST be on the SHORT-SIDE. How funny is that? :-)

      In all honesty, I really don't care what side you are on, I am in this for ME, which is LONG, looking to sell this stock at $15-20 range.

      But this is the great America, freedom of the speech, and all you uneducated day-traders can go to hell for all I care. :-)

      Peace Out!!!

      PS - I called the PR at AFFY, and they have not gotten back to me. I am not even sure if they will call me back. And even if I get an answer from them, none of you will believe me anyway and will call me a liar or other names. :-) That is why America is such great investment institution. Ha, ha, ha!

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      • I don't know you, but I am often attacked for posting potential negative scenarios. It's why I cringe anytime I post for the 1st time on a new board. I keep telling myself not to post.

        Some people spend years invested in a stock and the thought of it ultimately not being worth all that time is too much to handle. When you question someones investment choice, it is like calling their baby ugly.

        However, the biotech morgue is lined with great potential drugs that have been destroyed by the fda, etc...

        Anyhow, I swear on all that is holy that I am long on this drug. I believe it will be approved and I think it is a major advancement for patients. I had a mother on dialysis and it was an awful, awful process she went thru that I would't wish on anyone. Her death was the only relief she got from dialysis. If this drug makes the process less frequent, more bearable, etc... it will be a winner.

        WIth that being said - If I saw new information that convinced me it wasn't getting approved, I would sell my shares and go short faster than you can say affymax. Because I want to make money. Good luck to all. I hope we hit 20 in 20 days.

      • dear atl 145. pr never returned your call because they read your message board and knew you to be a phony. 95% of this message board is BS and hopefully 5% will be useful. so get lost while the rest of us have some fun.

      • ATL,
        Thank you for your feedback. I agree with your observation about the board's cheerleaders. If you do not 100% agree with them, then you are "soft bashing". However, isn't the ODAC meeting something we've held already and received a 15 out of 17 votes in favor? Shouldn't the next expected meeting be on a "PFUDA" agenda?


    • Why don't you call them?! Oh, wait they just had a web cast two days ago and confirmed the date for March 27.

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      • To my fellow longs,

        While I think that AFFY's drug is going to be approved, I am made the decision to protect my position with puts. For a small amount (relative to the long position), I am going to have puts because the ATL posts gives me clarity. It's not that believe there is any issue with the meeting, but I have been worried deep down about the fact that you simply can't predict what the FDA will do.

        There are other things that can be long to protect yourself-

        @sell half and buy back in higher or lower after the decision.
        @sell all now and wait to buy back after approval. After watching how little Amlin when up, this might not be a bad idea.
        @buy puts to protect position
        @sell stock and buy calls to play the decision. Only loss is the calls.

        I have been creamed on a few FDA decisions where approvable letters were being addressed and the biotechs came back to get a second round of approvable letters after following everything the FDA asked them to do. NBIX was one of them.

        I strongly believe in AFFY, but it may pay to be a little conservative knowing how unpredictable the FDA can be.

      • I was sincere, no soft bashing, no BS.

        I am long and remain so.

        Someone not too long ago received an email from PR and killed an ongoing rumor about the webcast. I was suggeteing the same. I have never contacted PR for AFFY.


    • soft bashing is an art isn't it? didn't take long before people to start freaking out! We should all keep that in mind..

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