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  • lucky.ecv13 lucky.ecv13 Oct 9, 2012 6:14 PM Flag


    Volume is low, barely hitting 1 million a session. Why arn't more "Big Boys" investing ? Fund Managers, etc...

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    • ???????????????????

      Sir, just check % big holders................... 91/92%

    • you are late their are no more shares left for you.

    • Please think logically and rationally my friend.

      The only way I want more big boys, if Affymax has some monster blockbuster in the pipeline and think that they might not be able to finance the trials and final research on their own.

      Might be willing for a little dilution to grow the company. Let's face it, they only have 36 million shares outstanding. Having another 5-10 million won't exactly make the stock drop 50% overnight. It might take an 8-10% hit, however it would be short term pain for long term gain.

      I'll still with no dilution for now and keep the Omontys momentum going.

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    • Lucky,

      Whatever pipe you've been hitting please pass it my way...I'm simply dumbfounded by your post.

      Affymax has about 36.2 million shares on the market. Today we hit just over 1.2 million shares, today's volume was 3.3% of the total float. This is actually significant volume for Affymax, hence the run-up.

      You said, why aren't big boys investing...What more do you want? As of last quarter, major holders (aka BIG BOYS) which consist of the following:

      1.) Major banks/institutions;
      2.) Hedge Funds;
      3.) Mutual Funds;
      4.) Insiders & 5% holders

      These combined own 92.6% of the total shares of Affymax.

      Out of 36.2 million shares, the big boys own 33.5 million shares.

      The little boys (us), also known as retail investors have a combined 2.7 million shares.

      For us to see volume of 1.2 million shares when the small retail world only owns a combined 2.7 million shares is QUITE IMMENSE to say the least.

      Have you seen the share price lately? Nobody is selling shares, and whoever is selling them, other people are buying them for higher bids and higher asks. hence the run-up in share price hitting 52/week highs every 2-3 days.

      With a small float, it's all about supply and demand.

      If I sold all my shares tomorrow with a limit price of 23.77, someone would be willing to pay 23.78 or 23.79 and the share price would increase to 23.79. i would be happy with my selling price and the buyer would be happy with their buying price. If I decided to buy back in, I might have to pay 23.80 or 23.81, hence the share price keeps rising.

      If your asking for more big boys, your asking for trouble (huge stock dilution) by Affymax issuing more shares. If they issue 10 million shares at 20.00 (and raise 200million in cash), the stock price would be decimated and then you can have your more shares and volume.

      For now, more shares and big boys would kill the momentum, entirely.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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