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  • thankmelater53 thankmelater53 Nov 10, 2012 5:58 PM Flag

    How does a $24 million net loss equate to 7% increase in PPS?

    What was the street expecting??

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    • Will the lawsuit against fresinus because of theier naturalyte and granuflo causing deaths hurt fresinus as company thus impacting negatively on affy

    • From Motley Fool...

      "With drug approval only being half the battle, it appears that investors are just happy to see revenue streaming in from initial Omontys sales. However, I have to point out that with only one FDA-approved drug on pharmacy shelves and losses mounting, Affymax's run higher may be a bit overdone. It's a bit difficult to support a company that's quadrupled in price and is still two years away, at minimum, from being profitable. Needless to say, I'm perfectly happy remaining an innocent bystander here".

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      • Then get off the board.

      • Wow, guys dont look at monthly movements in price. Motley has agenda and have no clue on whether a comany is pre-revenue or not and applies the same analysis - hello. Here is my take and what I replied to Fool:


        Losses are mounting as expected on initial roll-out? Did you listen to the quarterly call? Not sure I have heard better news in a long time - product acceptance, sales #s, strategic wins...They are funded to profitability for sure.

        Your conclusion that it is difficult to support a company whose stock price has quadrupled in price is baseless. Its was a binary decision on whether Omontys was approved or not so of course it could have quadrupled. They were a pre-rev company! Guys, come on that sounds really amateurish comparing to an ongoing entity.

        Affy is executing on a major incursion into Amgen 20 year monopoly and they have every single advantage in a comparison chart - and their already deliving and have forecast that seems to support. You didnt comment at all on why you think the core product / business doesnt look good. In fact, your naivety shows when you said "but it did note that $10.4 million of its $13.6 million in revenue came from payments by Takeda Pharmaceuticals concerning its partnership on Omontys, an injectable anemia treatment." Hello... that is their initial sales/profit.

      • quadrupled you say.... i look at it from 40 dollar down to 5 dollars back over 40 dollars a share.

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    • euphoria they did not lose more

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