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  • tpmavrakos tpmavrakos Dec 24, 2012 3:18 PM Flag

    the 1 year chart is scary.any bad news= under 10

    Slower sales are that built into the stock price,I don't think so,it will sell off to 15.what I am worried about is the 941 fresinius has to deal with.will it keep them from adding omonty into the rest of their facility' it even possible this could cause fresinius to go out of business

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    • No and No and No and No. You must be shorting this stock....Your the only person I know worried about the "alleged 941"... Get over it... No effect. Where did you get infomation that Omenty sales have slowed?? Not true. Fresenius is switching to Omentys.. More and more clinics are using the new drug. Has absolutely nothing to do with your fabled "941"... You really think fresenius, a world wide corporation doing dialysis to patients with no kidneys is going out of business. Keep on dreaming... Shorty....

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