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  • lucky.ecv13 lucky.ecv13 Jan 2, 2013 6:05 PM Flag


    Hopefully this the the beginning of something good!!!

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    • Lucky, you are right on the money. The consensus estimate for 2013 rev is $161M! With growth curve like that we should be seeing forward year price / sales of at least 10x given the normal profit % for these bios. Assume the same growth for 2014 and this is a $100 stock.

      In fact, they will probably experience a step function on growth given the coming Fres system-wide adoption. Sure anything can happen, but the buzz from the street and clinics and the inside info getting constantly leaked from Baird et al says its super undervalued. They don't pump like this on a growth stock without merit - its way too damaging for their long-term reputations. Mike.

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      • Mike, nice post! Relative posts like this deserve their own thread.
        Hope you're right about the system wide Fres adoption. We might also hear some news regarding Europe approval this year... I'm not sure what AFFY will charge for their drug considering it is only administered once monthly versus AMGEN's 13x per month. It's one sale per month versus 13 sales per month, however they accomplish the same thing for the patients. Based on this I would hope one doseage of omontys is significantly higher in cost than one doseage of Epogen. And being in the medical insurance field I know Epogen is VERY expensive. Any insight on Omonty pricing would be appreciated.

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