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  • alternatepatel alternatepatel Feb 24, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    Plan B. Hopes for future of AFFY and OMONTYS

    1. Not all deaths happened last night. The company must be knowing of deaths from the day very first death being reported may be in december - january and since then they must have been looking closely to these cases as soon as they happened, and they are ready with a plan B by now (may be they have started executing plan B, and this recall is the first step of it)
    - refer the Feb 12 Bio CEO presentation, slide no. 18, ''...Actively evaluating Omontys use data..''
    - i believe they are well prepared for these unfortunate situation

    2. the company may identify what's causing the death in just 0.02% patients (or allergic reactions in 0.2% patient), develop a pre-therapy diagnostic test that will tell which patients are likely to have serious adverse reactions and then simply exclude those patients from Omontys therapy

    3. they may opt for ''tolerance test'' or ''upward dose titration'' regimen= starting with a very low dose, analyse the response, and gradually increase the dose (exclude those who have side effects at low dose) thereby minimizing chances of death - examples: Methadone and many other opiod drugs

    4. Omontys may not be the sole cause of deaths and adverse events,
    -Fresenius devices also are in question for serious reactions since long ,
    - medical negligence
    - health status of those patients at the start of Omontys therapy
    - etc. etc.
    - so overall contribution of Omontys to side effects is further diluted

    5. I believe the company is very concerned about the patients and shareholders, and possibly they are doing their best right now to protect both, they released the RECALL on SATURDAY,
    -A total RECALL - stopping therapy even to 99.5% patients who are responding very well
    - SATURDAY- providing enough time to analyse situation, thereby preventing longs from Panic Selling. Had it been released on Friday or Monday i may not have thought of all this possibilities and typed all on message board

    6. I believe they have solid things/steps in place to back up a recovery from this disastrous looking scenario, c'mon this drug works pretty well in 24950 patients out of 25000 ! so the drug isn't a poison, god loves human, and soon there will be ways created to bring this important medication back to the patients

    those who agree, please support. Bump the post with your thoughts so that we can inform every long out there seeking help

    the game is not over
    good luck

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