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  • observerz65 observerz65 Feb 28, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    Considering the medical facts, I'm in at this level.

    I rarely post anymore, but this one got my attention after such a huge drop. I'm new to the stock and don't know much at all about it. That being said, what I have read, the medical side of this is I believe this drug will have a comeback as a drug (nothing to do with the stock itself). When you consider this is a drug for people who are on dialysis, these are patients who are at the end of thier rope. Being an insulin dependent diabetic for almost 34 years, I know a huge list of complications that come with my disease and luckily I am still in good health given my condition. However, if faced with full kidney failure and death, I'll easily take any drug with a mortality risk factor of .02% anyday, anytime, given that I would be facing death anyway with kidney failure. when you are facing such things, odds play a huge factor. And the risk to benefit ratio in this case is a no-brainer IMO.

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    • Thanks for the post. I agree with you completely about the choices someone would make under this circumstance. However, the bears are saying there are other drugs available that to try. Other drugs may be more expensive but they are proved. Is this correct?

    • Thank you for your comments and insight. Appreciated.

    • Like you say .02% is pretty small specially when it comes to renal failure patients of dialysis (there are people that have anaphylactic reaction to even aspirin, tylenol, penicillin, etc). But even this number can be improved upon by finding the root cause or by allergy testing before full dose administration.

      But completely giving up on such a wonderful drug? I agree this is a no brainer and this drug will be back in the market as soon as possible given the current circumstances.

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      • You are absolutely correct regarding people who are on dialysis. Too many people do not understand those people's immune systems are already greatly compromised. Without the kidneys, your body becomes very toxic and if you are to the point of dialysis, you are already in grave trouble.

        And I understand wanting to get things perfect, however, from what I have read we are talking 3-5 people out of 25,000. And those are not even "confirmed" being caused from this drug.

        If I were on dialysis (which given my type 1 diabetes for almost 34 years now and my kidneys do not filter as they should, so this will probably directly effect me at some point) I would easily opt for this drug without hesitation or question.

        And I believe we will see those 25,000 patients demanding to have this medication back within a short time, since it appears to have a much better success rate than any types of complications. i know I would be demanding it. This was a volentary recall and no actual link to this drug being the problem in these very rare cases. I simply can not rationalize this being the culprit with only 3-5 out of 25,000 people. If there was a legitimate problem with the drug, it would certainly be much higher than .02%. There are simply too many vairables and such an incredible low rate of occurance, I just don't believe this drug will be found at fault. And even if so, such a small percentage should be well above any minimum standards. More people are allergic to bee stings than this drug.

        Bottom line, this drug appears to greatly help 99.98% of those using it and that is about as good as I have seen anything get. Just my opinion.

    • I thought there was another drug for a no-brainer that the shorts are using.

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    • I'll buy when it gets down to the low 1s. Still too high right now.

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    • Well put!!

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