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  • ladysmith5sai ladysmith5sai Mar 2, 2013 4:17 AM Flag

    After Recall Of Omontys, Discounted Affymax (AFFY) To Meet With Pfizer (PFE) On Wednesday, Low Hanging Fruit For Pfizer Looking To Add To It's Acquisition Portfolio Predicts Sierra World Equity Review


    After Recall Of Omontys, Discounted Affymax (AFFY) To Meet With Pfizer (PFE) On Wednesday, Low Hanging Fruit For Pfizer Looking To Add To It's Acquisition Portfolio Predicts Sierra World Equity Review

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    • bump....

    • How can one find out if this is true? Anyone? I know it sounds like an impossible task but heck what about calling Sierra guys and ask about their source or call the company and see if one can get a sense from the answering operator. Any other ideas? I also think that if true this is a major news .

    • Assuming this is true, you're telling me Pfizer is willing to take a huge gamble before any information or findings is released on what happened? What do they know that we don't?
      I just don't see how you can have sensible negotiation or valuation strategies given what just happened and the unknowns. Timing seem very odd. And where would Takeda's position be on this?

    • Is this true? How reliable is this site?

    • Question: these guys (Sierra) are like SeekingAlpha (boolltellers) or is there an official info?
      I can't find official info, just that line on their site.

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      • I also only saw that single line on their site but they are known to somehow at times get to the news before others and have many success stories to show. But also the fact that they mention an specific company, Pfiser, and an specific meeting date, Wednesday, gives it much credibility as I don't think they would simply pull these out of thin air.

        Having said that a more definite verification of this news would be great although by then the stock would have already jumped and would be too late to get in at these very depressed share price levels.

        I kind of think it may be wise and a well taken risk to go in for some more shares come Monday but heck if Pfiser is actually involved AFFY will fly so high and so fast it would be head spinning.

    • If the news of Pfizer meeting with Affymax this Wednesday is true AFFY will easily double once the meeting is verified. Even without such verification just mentioning of such a meeting by SWER will result in substantial gains on daily basis next week.

      Also, if the meeting news is true this would be a big indication that Pfiser has looked at the data about the Omontys adverse reactions and is decided either those deaaths and anaphylactic reactions were not related to Omontys or even if it was that it may have been a manufacturing issue and that Omontys can be brought back to market with FDA'a approval (even if it is under a different medication name).

      And as for Affymax, they may consider such association or outright selling to Pfiser thinking that this would help stained Omontys name.

      All and all if the news is true this is really really huge.

      Also note that Street included AFFY today on their list of the five stock ready to bounce on the technical and "extreme oversold" basis.

      To the longs: do your dd over the weekend and if you think above news is true you may want to go all in early Monday morning.

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      • I'm quite skeptical about these so called gurus.....
        if it's confirmed before monday, nobody will be able to get in (me too) again..... that's because - in a takeover scenario - the management MUST sell over 16$, in order to AVOID THE JAIL.
        I repeat: AVOID THE JAIL.
        There's no way:
        - to release an half bad/good news (the data analisys, and stopping of roll out + fatal events).... and saying it's ok, it's allright
        - to release a PR saying "it's not allright. We recall all boxes"..... PPS -85%
        - to release "we are going to meet Pfizer for possible takeover"
        No way doing all of this in 10 days without going in JAIL.

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