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  • joefish123456 joefish123456 Mar 3, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

    omontys helps

    98.98% of people .02% die in five years all 18000 will be dead so what the problem, know amgen has the money to buy anyone even the fda hope that not the case

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    • Fish you have lost all of your money whether you realize it or not. Now the only question is whether you will retain any of your dignity. You are attempting to minimize the sudden, terrible deaths that O has caused. All in a desperate and futile attempt to get your money back. It is not going to happen. You can used this ridiculous investment as a learning experience if you wish. You had been warned previously but you chose to ignore the sound advice. Please take my advice now and let it go. The money is completely gone.

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      • thegreycorner didn't lose my money bought 6-10 range sold 24 range started to buy back a little at a time 18 range down to 16 then the bottom fell out 2.50 long and strong.

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      • antidisestablishmentarianism8392 antidisestablishmentarianism8392 Mar 3, 2013 4:36 PM Flag

        Please give us the details of your investigation as to why Monty is absolutely, 100% the cause of these deaths. And here I always thought that you were innocent before guilty and not the other way around, but you must know something that no else does and again I'm asking you to provide your detailed investigation in this matter.

        Finally, what would you want everyone to do? Never invest in a biotech? That doesn't sound like any type of sound advice other that "I'm warning you! The boogeyman is around the corner!" You sound like a smug, #$%$ who is revelling in the deaths of these people so you can make your "I told you so" point and that is what I find ridiculous.

        I hope they get to the bottom of this and identify exactly what caused these deaths. I'm speculating it is not O or if it is O that they can test for this allergic reaction beforehand so the drug can be administered safely and get back on the market. Bought at $2.50 and holding for something conclusive.

      • we shall see

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