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  • court.fool2000 court.fool2000 Mar 5, 2013 6:03 PM Flag

    AFFY is NOW too ripe a takeover target right. a Glaxo or Pfizer or AMGEN can get this thru the EU (Europe UNION) a 3 Billion/year market.

    Thats what is now circling around this right now--just in case you forgot , shorty.
    that AMGN was able to kill 12 people and restart their sales and everything has been satisfactory since, and u;less i am mistaken the first 2 that dies are 'suspect' that leaves 3 deaths right now not possibly 4 not 5.
    So this is still in play with $5M worth of safety tests for a 3 month period. So a big Pharm company can get a priceless jewel in AFFY hearer, imo.
    ---called giving it away. a $3B Europe Union (EU) market in sale and shorty thinks no one is interested in this crown jewel?
    think again, my sly, foxy, friends and enemies ..LMFAO!!!

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    • They are circling all right, as in circling the drain. In a couple of weeks AFFY could be bought out for $2.00 a share.

    • I tend to agree with your view. It is apparent that this company cannot and will be able to defend the situation by itself alone; it needs someone with a strong arm. To me, Amgen makes sense to buy it out and handle the situation with FDA . The other day, I was listening this radio program how Amgen lobbies the congress and FDA and accomplish what it wanted to. One can surely say that AMGEN owns FDA and the US Congress after listening to that program. In this particular case, this small company happened in Amgen's territory and started grabbing small market share from AMGEN - so it is likely to be ridiculed directly or indirectly, in effect, this little company gets away from the place. GL to longs; I don't know why people are shorting the stock at this level.

    • i still say this is a strong buy right here

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    • i say this is a target now a Novartis or some big harm would love this one....ready to go for $.10 cents on the $1...too attractive to ignore, imo

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    • maybe Novartis...would be a perfect fit....imo

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    • If your strategy of acquiring Omontys as AFFY's crown jewel is correct, then a prudent acquiring pharmacy company would wait to buy assets rather than the company. The assets comprising Omontys would convey free and clear of any potential liabilities and the shareholders would be entitled to the sales proceeds. Court fool, I am sure, believes there would be lots of value left for shareholders. The sales proceeds, of course, would be used to pay AFFY employees, expenses and liabilities and whats left could be used to develop a new product or distribute to shareholders.

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      • godwinpeak
        You forgot that with FDA drugs it is easy to acquire Liability Insurance. I worked for one such insurance firm insuring these types of FDA apporved rugs, ftr.
        So out of 3 known deaths and 2 suspected deaths. For people that were terminal anyway, whats the out of court settlement? Maybe $25M for all? have you ever heard of claims adjustors? I bet 2 of the 5 settle for a quick $500k up front and don't want to wait 3-5 years for possibly more.
        We still do not know what the actual cause of death was. Was it the drug, or a combination or negligence- too high a dose given?? given to compromised cardiac patients? there are lots of factors that discovery will uncover. Some of the findings could create a 10-20 bagger here.
        So this company is not Coleco and about to blow up cause no one was buying their Adam computers... capice?
        This is a $3B/year money maker in the European Union alone. hen approved...
        so godwillpeak, do me a favor and short some more here I am a buyer. and when this is $3.50 i will remind you of that and when this is $6.50 I will remind you, and when this is $8.75 I will remind you and when.......another tush wipe....bring it on, shorty. I am a buyer at lower prices. I know to buy low so I can and sell higher, much higher, imo.

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    • Yea, daytraders looking for a few pennies lol. This company is history.

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