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  • antidisestablishmentarianism8392 antidisestablishmentarianism8392 Mar 6, 2013 12:19 AM Flag

    Even if O is at fault...

    the allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) can be tested for... The 0.2% who are sensitive won't take the drug and they'll have restrictions like Epinephrine must be available in case a reaction does occur.

    This isn't like a heart attack or a aneurysm.

    You can get anaphylaxis from milk, fish, eggs, NSAIDS (Advil, Aleve, Bayer), penicillin or peanuts. You can even get this condition from morphine or an X-Ray and yet somehow we have found a way to still administer morphine and give X-Rays.

    I just think that this stock is trading on fear right now, but if you step back and think about it there is no way that this drug does not make it back on the market. All my opinion and good luck.

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    • Of course it will be back on the market and folks know this otherwise the pps would have crashed to sub pennies days ago. The main reason the pps is not in double digits is just what said: FEAR. And this fear is created so hedgies can accumulate while weak hands are forced to sell.

      Like you say many drugs and food items and insect bites cause anaphylactic reaction in many people. That is why those people carry Epi-pen with them everywhere they go or at least know to call 911 right away. But all those drugs and food items are not taken off the market of course.

      Also 3 deaths after 25000 patient usage is not exactly something not seen with some other drugs.

      Of course we also know that most likely O did not cause those deaths because the drug was used from March 2012 until February 2013 without any deaths and suddenly in February you had all these 3 deaths!!! Idn't this alone make it abundantly clear that something else must have gone wrong in February?

    • Something must be wrong with you because your post actually makes sense.

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      • First not all deaths occured in Feb, second 5 deaths is a lot and this all in USA we don't know international. Once they put the drug out for them to get it back in market would be close to impossible. Also they are running out of cash. They only have enough cash to last them for 1 quarter. They burn 30M per quarter. In addition all the lawsuits. I bought this stock at $3.10 when it was down 85% and finally i sold at a loose at $2.6 its going down and as i look more into this stock only people that owns this is the retail investors. Need to sell this soon so don't loose any more money. i would not short this stock either as you never know as little good news even if not true might see a bump in stock as shorts might get scared.

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