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  • godwinpeak godwinpeak Mar 13, 2013 10:49 PM Flag

    High drama

    It has been fun to watch the shenanigans of AFFY long and pumpers. First, all said that O will be back on the market in not time at all with a simple labeling fix. [The last 10Q reported that the FDA already had required AFFY to relabel O due to incidences of serious adverse allergic reactions.] Next the longs said that the earnings and conference call would disclose good news to show O would be back on the market. [Now it is certain there is no conference call, and it is even doubtful whether earnings will be reported]. What new rubric will the longs come up with, other than mere cheerleading, to suggest that the shares are headed higher? I want to close my short position on substance, not mere rhetoric. Please give me some substantive reason, other than oversold and retracement BS, for me to make a rational decision. I am pleading for an honest, substantive reply from some long who can make a cogent argument as to why O will be back on the market as a serious challenge to E.

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    • Asking you sincerely, GDP - do you have a short position in this stock now? What's so puzzling is your ardent and constant bashing of it. For you to say that you are doing so because you care about those that want to invest in it and save them money, is just too hard to believe. Don't see any recent posts of yours regarding any other stocks. If you don't like this stock, pray why don't you just move on......puzzling, unless you are shorting it. or paid to bash it.


    • personally i think your an idiot. risk and reward is way out of your favor. i can see at like 16 dollar before they announced news that this could be a nice short especially with the price action. but at 3 dollars it like your trying to milk a rock. move on to something else unless you want your butt handed to you very soon.

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      • FYI I shorted AFFY at $15 plus, and was all over this board advising others to do likewise, but was roundly dissed by others who likewise then called me an idiot. I can afford to wait this out and see what happens. The money, at this time, is secondary to me. My profit is substantial and I keep current of what is going on. I honestly believe that O is bad medicine. It adds nothing to patient care other than the same efficacy, the convenience of once a month dosing that is lost on CKD dialysis patients, and otherwise an unacceptable patient safety profile compared to E. I honestly believe that Wall Street wants to sucker retail longs into buying AFFY before it becomes much more worthless than now. Make your own gambling/speculation decisions, but I honestly believe those who cannot afford to lose most, if not all, of their AFFY stock purchase should wisely stay clear of this altogether.

    • I am long and probably more disappointed than you are as I have lost a bulk of my investment already and now this stupid silence and no cc. But I also have read everything and every article about O , the recall, why, etc. and I can tell you if I had any funds left I would dump it all in AFFY because despite the pps dropping below 3 today and despite the managements silence and stupidity and irresponsible way in which they've allowed the shareholders to suffer with some getting completely ruined, the drug itself, Omontys, will no doubt be back in the market and I feel because of all this shenanigans will be more widely known and used. All this garbage about O is been damaged is just that, BS.

    • because if you had bought a stock at 3 and it is now trading at 20 you would or should sell
      congrats you have beaten the market
      take what is your reward.

    • Because a lot of people will gamble on this stock hell I am. Don't let your desire to be correct cost you money!

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