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  • court.fool2000 court.fool2000 Mar 16, 2013 6:28 PM Flag

    godwinpeak is the fool who said he shorted at $2.50 the day the stock went over $4 that's who godwinpeak is--MAJOR LOSER

    he personally gave me $30k of his money last week...LMFAO!!!!

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    • godwinpeak, my bad

    • court.fool2000 you also realize he shorted when it was 15 and 16 + right?

      • 1 Reply to lax1kid
      • lax---
        the professional shorts they shorted at $15 plus not the retail losers who shorted at $2.50 like godwinpeak..-- only the last of the retail piker shorts shorted under $4....
        think of it this way if he really shorted at $15 he would have made so much money why would he still be posting al day long 67 times day and still shorting at $2.50--- if you shorted at 415 you would not risk shorting under $5 you would be buying back by now....close the books and call it a day---so not like that oser a loser like godwinpeak, no way!! LMFAO
        he is still shorting this stock----- rorves he's lying....
        That's like winning a $40M Lotto and instead of chilling you instead spend it all all--al the $40M trying to win again????/ no you don;'t

        Thats also like writing about Mickey mantle and never mentioning that he played baseball...LMFAO

        oh yeah, godwinpeak is a major piker punk retail short----- LMFAO-- you can tell by the non stop bashing he gave me $30k of his hard earned money last week and will do the same porbably give me 3 times that this week also...LMFAO!!!!

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