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  • luv2trade2013 luv2trade2013 Mar 18, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

    Pay attention to when the news was released, the time of the bear raid, and the volume.

    News was released (old news actually) between 5:18 pm and 5:21 pm AH. Then at 5:45 pm (quite some time after in the computerized/digital world we live in now where news travels fast), we have a bear raid of 154,000 in volume --- why do you think it happened 14 minutes later? To catch people off guard. The 154,000 is peanuts to anyone who's already made enough money playing the swings of this stock. Back and forth MANIPULATION. That's all it took... down to $2.00, and the rest is history. AH trading should be banned, it's complete BS, put in place by lobbyist and hedgies with a lot of money so that they can do this sort of thing to the retail investor on low volume. PAY ATTENTION. Once you figure out that you are dealing with serious, serious corruption it becomes less difficult to see the writing on the wall and play the stock accordingly. In at 1.22, will add IF there is even a dip at all in the morning.

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    • trading was halted for news release from 5:17:40 until 5:45:00 . No manuipulation.

    • I'm long on this stock and will be taking a beating tomorrow, this recent news is put out by the company itself and not a put out by a company that is short in NAVB. It's not a bear raid, it's legitimate selling of the stock in a panic. If they are firing their sales staff, they don't intend to be selling this. I'm all for the long shot, but I won't be adding to my position here, just holding.
      It's one thing if a sell side analyst puts out a report saying the company won't do well. It's a different thing completely if the company puts out a report that it fired all its sales force. I'll say 1.00 at the open and .70 at the close.

    • You may still be left holding the AFFY bag. The old book value was $1.78 share. There are huge losses and liabilities to others, including Takeda. It is worth significantly less than $1.22 and may very well become worthless if bankruptcy and near worthless if asset sale.

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      • In at 12.17, out at 15.50, In again at 2.36/2.27 --- out at 3.74. In at 1.22, stock current price = 1.25. How does that equate to "holding a bag?" --- Thanks. This whole thing reeeeeks of the foulest most crooked corrupt bs I have ever seen. They're all in on it as far as I'm concerned. I trust no one. How many times have we seen this before? Too many to even list. Bad news, stock tanks... bumps 60 to 90% so people can get out....then tanks again. Hovers around $1 for a while, then some how miraculously comes back from the dead at $3, $5, $8, and even $10.

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    • 100% agree. but i also feel from certain experienes. whenever someone actualy translates the writing on the wall to this wall. it doesnt happen....? like a sports team changing their play because you called them out. an audible. maybe not on this one tho because hopefully its too late or im too paranoid either way. i agree with your assertation.

    • I'll bump this all day and night, crooks. The mere fact that no one has even responded to this yet tells me it's all the same group of people talking back and forth to muddle any truth that may come from this board.

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      • This was a total bear raid. At the expense of the people holding the stock. No information about anything pertaining to the drug and why it killed people. That is the only reason why it should be down 60%. It shouldn't be down because they are firing their sales staff, it should be up because they are conserving whatever cash they have. It doesn't make any sense other than total manipulation. It is just stupid is what it is. I am not selling this thing ever.

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