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  • johnniewalker2020 johnniewalker2020 Mar 28, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    All " nay Sayers" should start believing that "O" will return to market.

    The actual cause is not "O"

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    • Even if the cause was O the numbers are relatively very small (3 out of 25000 or just 0.012%) which is less than many drugs right now in use. But that is not even the big issue; the main issue is that those 3 deaths were because of allergic reaction, a preventable matter by hypersensitivity testing. Even if no such testing is done those deaths could have been prevented by epi injections.

      What baffles me the most is why in the world the management would recall a drug that is helped over 25000 patients without any major problem and then these small number of deaths that were also preventable and can be prevented in the future even without hypersensitivity testing.

      That is what is crazy. Why would the management recall a drug for such an small number of deaths when they were not even proven to be caused by O and could be easily prevented in the future anyways!!!!!!!!!

      Or is management upto some shenanigans?

      Of course O will be back in the market...But is this management conspiring to steal all the shares by whatever means possible even if it means by bk? If so all they would have to do is to drag the investigation and suddenly announce that they ran out of funds. In such a case their Japanese partners much be in this with them.

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