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  • jeremyrobertscheel jeremyrobertscheel Mar 29, 2013 4:55 PM Flag

    Origionaly in at $2.56, IT took alot to average down to my current position of $1.67 ish...

    I am feeling greedy on this, I wish I would have doubled up early yesterday. Some thing tells me this may not go down again, If it does, I am loading up once and for all because I don't think there will be many more chances to buy at a buck twenty or less.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • When the stock is so quiet, that's the time to get in. Got in my first batch at 1.16 for 50000 shares and will continue to accumulate if share price stays below 2.00. Omontys will be back! When the news is announced, What do you think the share price would be?

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      • Well, We know what it was before all of this. Affymax may suffer a little from a retail point of view due to bad publicity but then again there a lot of people watching this stock that never heard of Affymax or Omontys before all of this. I think it will go to $15 pretty quickly.
        I think that it may slow but will be back into the $20.00's rather its sooner or later. I will hold until at least $15.00 if momentum stays strong I will hold out for $20+
        Considering it was a Voluntary recall if it turns out not even to be Omontys fault Affymax is going to look really good! Putting their entire company at risk for the safety of the public. Rather its true or not they will be able to play the better safe than sorry card. And like I said there are exponentially more people aware of O and Affy now. I never heard of it before the 85% decline and now I'm a border line expert on both. ( Self proclaimed of course)

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