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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Apr 2, 2013 11:45 PM Flag

    The Lesson of 'O'.

    'O' could be a drug or 'O' could be a person.

    'O' could be seen as something full of hope, or 'O' could be seen in reality as a big '0'.

    Naïve people may choose 'O' because they felt that the old standard had its chance and now was the time for change. They did not want to look at all the papers closely to scrutinize the past history of 'O'. In fact, if other people did want to do a routine and correct examinations of 'O's papers, they were called all sort of names by the 'O' fanatics. It is not surprising that the older, wiser people were not big fans of 'O' but saw through it/him as something other than what was presented. The young, naïve people (this is not to be confused with stupid necessarily) were taken in, as they were caught up in the hype and they did not want to be considered uncool by society.

    The fact that O had several years of a track record with dubious results did not quell the enthusiasm of O's supporters. Despite the track record, they stuck by O. In their hearts, they knew that O was really not what was initially represented but by this time they were emotionally committed to their decision. They had lost site that one day the music would stop, that O would be ancient history, and that they and their children would suffer real consequences because of the financial catastrophe which was all that O had brought to them.

    This is the story of O. I think of this whenever I see the bumper stickers.

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