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  • a_rajalonghorn a_rajalonghorn Apr 6, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    AFFY is about to be bought out (part 2)

    allergic reaction. If the allergic reaction does occur, the patient should be treated with a Histamine blocker such as Benadryl, a steroid such as solu Medrol or dexamethasone to reduce inflammation and Epinephrine Subcutaneous of Intramuscular depending on the severity. Also in certain situations patients may require Albuterol/ipratromium bromide nebulized treatments for shortness of breath caused by bronchospasms and IV fluids such as normal saline 0.9% to bring their systolic BP into perfusing range ( 90). So after all this mumbo jumbo, what exactly does this mean? The drug was effective in treating 99.8% of the patients. That is a significant number to keep in mind. With the recent repayment of their finance loan, reduction in workforce of 75% and continued involvement with Takeda’s management, I believe that AFFY is looking to be bought out. I personally despise the management team of AFFY but OMONTYS is valuable drug and with the right management and marketing can be a billion dollar blockbuster drug in the dialysis market. Obviously this is pure speculation on my part but with all the information available I consider it to be an educated guess. If you truly despise the company or are avert to high risk stocks, you should stay away from this company. However if you understand the fact, that a drug that cost a significant amount of capital to bring to the market and was voluntarily recalled by a company with incompetent management, then you should buy a few shares. Either way, good luck to all longs and obviously look at the quality of the subject matter of these internet posts rather than quantity to make your informed decisions on investments.

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