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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Apr 10, 2013 11:54 PM Flag

    I have been right and you have been wrong.

    Along with a few other wise investors, I have been right about killer O and unprofessional LAFFY and sneaky Takeda.

    You have all been wrong. Why do you persist in your incorrect thinking? Why not admit to yourself and the entire world that you have been wrong all along. This can be the very first step to getting wiser and becoming a better investor. Thank you.

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    • I'm buying many more for trading. This baby is going to be FUN!!! Missed the AH party of 50% off sale bouncing up 45% for those few who got them. 42.5% SHORT with 87.5% Int owned as of 3/28/13 on my TDA account... Let the GAMES BEGIN!!! Wish this thing had a VIX to trade. (LOL)

    • You were WRONG on all accounts:

      1-Your #1 claim was that Affymax will go bk but now we know that not to be even in the cards. Affymax would not have paid off their $12 million loan if they were going to file bk. Also with today's news of Takeda taking over all costs and responsibilities and with their loan paid off along with $180 million coming to them along with a very nice permanent royalty which would add up to millions and millions you have to agree there is zero chance of any bk now or in the future;

      2-You said Omontys will never be brought back to the market; It is now apparent that at least Takeda does not agree with you or they would not agree to spend millions going forward on O and the ongoing investigation;

      3- You even contradict yourself; On one hand you call Takeda "sneaky" and trying to steal Omontys while at the same time you claim Omontys is worthless. Why be "sneaky" to steal something worthless? You obviously are should searching while not recognizing the strength and extensive knowledge base Takeda has and uses before agreeing to today's agreement.

      Sorry but you sound like a most desperate low life who is too blind to see his obvious errors and mistakes.

      As for today's announcement, no matter how much you bash it under your dozen or so aliases, the truth is that this was a very good news for affymax and AFFY shareholders and you know it.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Well, you were right, what can I even say at this point? This is terrible.

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