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  • dinepat203 dinepat203 Apr 12, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    Why Orwin wanted to wind down before APRIL-2013 (50 days) before Investigation is complete?

    1. Epogen falls off patent in 2013, and Roche already has a biosimilar in development by then AMGN would loose major revenue in $Billions.

    2. Doctors prescribe Omontys over the better-known Epogen? Omontys' once-monthly injection offers dosage advantage over the older drug, which has a regimen that can exceed a dozen doses per month. Epogen has also drawn safety concerns as of late.

    3. The big signs of confidence for Affymax would have created a long-term contracts with Fresenius and/or DaVita. Affymax secured a short-term deal with Fresenius last year that expires in April 2013. Omontys offered a better price for treatment providers pressed by the new Medicare reimbursement rules. If that would have happened and 90% of customers would end up on Omontys rather than Epogen.Amgen's DaVita contract stipulates that the center will use Epogen for 90% of its patients.

    4.Omontys does better with the mid-sized dialysis organizations, or MDOs. The company has deals in place with five of the six MDOs, including the newly struck agreement with DSI Renal.

    5. The European Medicines Agency accepted Omontys' marketing authorization application last year, it is sure to get a final approval decision by May2013.

    Common 5 reactions ON SAME DAY AT ONE FRESENIUS CENTRE and company recalls drug and wants to wind down in 50 days before even Investigation is revealed?

    We are living in 21st Century with all latest technology where ALL TESTING CAN BE DONE IN HOURS and communication can be done in Seconds. ORWIN has taken everybody for granted and SHAREHOLDERS in particular.

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    • I am still at a loss to understand your explanation about what was Orwin's incentive, or Affymax's for that matter, to "wind down" the company?

      You talk alot about Epogen and how it "falls off patients in 2013" and how this will drastically effect Amgen while Roche is waited to take market shares. You also talk about who has what contracts etc. But nowhere that Is I see do you simply explain "why Orwin wanted to wind down before April 2013".

      Could please explain further. I agree that something fishy is going on and that this whole thing does not make sense but nobody has been able to explain what is that "fishy" thing. To me just a golden parachute for Orwin does not make sense as BOD and hundreds of other employees would have raised hell.

      Also I don't believe anyone here had heard before that all of the 5 reactions (I presume those include the 3 deaths) happened "on the same day at one Presenus centre"; As a matter of fact the original recall PR by the company made it clear that it was not at a particular centere or from a particular batch. Can you clarify?

    • Like how you think, but the CEO may have just "set the table" for all offers? He really does not care who buys AFFY as long as they pay him off with the best package. It is like a Prospector discovers a Gold Mine then makes his investors believe it is "Fools Gold" so he can then cut a big fat deal with Newmont Co.

    • Now Takeda took complete control...things will change that includes Orwin and his team if board decides.

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