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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Apr 16, 2013 7:39 AM Flag

    Good Luck To Everyone

    Good luck everyone. It has been fun and enlightening to me to be on the board. I have said all I wanted to. I wanted to belittle this company and tell the truth as the facts stated and as I saw events. At this point, all who are going to sell have already sold, those holding will hold. It is only for day traders now.

    I see this ending even worse than it is now but who knows? Maybe buyout will be higher. Or maybe they will hunker down for long term and resurrect. If so, I reserve the right to jump back on the MB and also buy LaffyStock as a gamble.

    Let's never forget that people did die terrible deaths because of this drug. That should always be kept in mind.

    As for the investors, I hope that GWP and others are able to cover soon and that all others get the big news pop they've been waiting for.

    I have been waiting for an overall market correcting, which I sense is on the way (election is over so no need to prop up market) and so I am planning big move in a couple of months into other stocks which I must focus on. In no particular order, you may find me lurking or maybe posting on ARNA, CLDX, DSCO (good turn-around potential), RGEN, ALU, AMD, AFFX, XOMA, CYTK (risky), ALNY and maybe places like JCP, BAC, MGM if they tank heavily over next 3-6 months. I will monitor HALO as per GWP's suggestion. Anyone who was savvy and guts to short a biotech and win is someone who should not be ignored, IMO.

    Sincerely best of luck to everybody. Keep your ears open and be willing to listen to all advice, even bashers sometimes. Good luck. Over and out. TGC.

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    • There are two sides to every story and the wise will listen to both. If they are purposeful that is.

    • I am sorry. The death they died was not near as terrible the death of sufferes of end stage renal disease incurr. Months and months and YEARS of being exceedingly SICK!!! A painful, nauseating, fatigues, tortured, slow death!! If you could ask any dialysis patient that safely took Omontys, they would tell ya......find a way to bring it back. Every day is valuable to me. You see, the dialysis patient is tied up for a half a day 3-4 days a week, after which they are too exhausted to enjoy the rest. Omonty's brought some form of relief on off days. You do make some very good points in you salutation and it is very lovely.

    • Good job - Tell everyone how you spent the entire last month of your life on a message board trashing Affy stock full time, repeating the very same information for 8+ hours a day hoping to save misdirected investors and/or short the stock for an astounding 20 cents. I feel sorry for any board you decide to attach yourself to.
      I am happy you are leaving tho - and for that, Thank you!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Dont let the door hit you in the ^%$#@ on the way out "die"!! Risk of squeeze too great for you huh?? First smart move you have ever made, so beat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not sure whether to cry tears of joy or tears of sorry that you're leaving. I will miss you terribly...I hope this means the curse has been lifted on this affynightmare and we can all rejoice. A toast to thegreycorner. It's been a pleasure!

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