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  • doyoulikeneruda doyoulikeneruda Apr 17, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    Advice From a Savvy Investor Who Has Made Over A Million in Biotech

    Firstly note, I can spell advice. This is the most volatile sector in the entire market. Why? It is difficult to value these companies and to grasp the technology. There is vast uncertainty - in a single word. This creates opportunity. AFFY's Omontys was approved by the FDA - it is was effective with only a small fraction of negative reactions. The market for this drug is worth billions. Naked Shorters, helped by a Professional Army of Bashers has been all over this stock message board. Grey Corner and Godfraud are two of the more prominent "paid bashers." If you want to examine the posts of a doctor who has experience with drugs like Omontys refer to the postings of Raj on this thread.

    In the meantime AFFY is a speculative BUY - with upside potential of over 400%.

    Truth and justice will prevail. Good luck all.

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    • Go ahead look at my posts and compare them to this paid pumper. I advised shorting AFFY at $16 plus per share. I told everyone to beware AFFY when it shot from $2 to $4.10 share and not get caught in the head fake. I told everyone to avoid AFFY at $2 all the way down here. I have always said (1) retail cannot short AFFY so you cannot play swings and (2) if you think you can beat the MMs by buying and selling the pennies then go ahead, and (2) you are foolish to buy and hold or hold this stock overnight. Anyday it can go bankrupt and longs will be left holding the AFFY bag. Should AFFY ever have an opportunity to recover, which I doubt, you will have time to buy any upswing. Be advised and pay attention.

    • Maybe with other companies, but this has no

      no revenue
      no product
      no staff
      no sales force
      no earnings
      incompetent CEO
      law-suits from shareholders
      law-suits from patients
      no guarantee O might come back
      high short interest
      cash burn issue

      CEO stated many times BK

      IF they didn't give away product then I would agree there would be a chance but CEO screwed up everything!

      so, please don't pump this, every single long is in the red!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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