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  • foggiafc foggiafc Apr 24, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    Now that Orwin has been fired, the BOD need to give out a press release but they have

    to say something postive, like "we believe in our product and are working diligently with Takeda to find the cause to bring O back". That's all they need to say and the pps will explode.

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    • For some the fatigue from battle is to great and they break as our friend dinepat203 has done. Others who have been through these things before know how to play the game and end up holding the Victory Flag. Someone wants Retail Investors out of Affy 99.99%, I say it is worth the price of the ticket to watch this one play out because it is not a open close or black and white case? Two things to hang on, why did the FDA Approve Omontys and why did only .02% of 25,000 people have an adverse reaction?? If Someone can explain how these two things lead to BK then I will sell all of my shares tomorrow!!!!!

    • Get out before BK. Honest advise

    • Fog, I agree with you to some extent....however, I thought PR basically stating that Bankruptcy was out would didn't. Then I thought for sure that getting rid of the negligent/saboteur would help, along with reinforced statements of "support during investigation" and "knowledge transfer." ----- and that didn't even so much as offer a pop today, worse we are down (I am extremely surprised at today's action...extremely). Longs may be exhausted, they've averaged down and are I believe most are holding as a result of being overweight. We need MMs to step in and push...otherwise shorty and day traders are just going to keep selling into rallies, and manipulating the pps during AH. I believe personally that the true rally will only come if either someone slaps a buyout number on AFFY, or more importantly they get the drug back on the market. Until then...the rest is just smoke. My opinion.

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