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  • doyoulikeneruda doyoulikeneruda Apr 25, 2013 10:41 PM Flag

    Glad to See God Fraud Is Still Peddling Garbage Here

    This man is a confirmed liar - has issued contradictory posts - if you read dozens and dozens as I have.

    Fact: Omontys drug works (see Raj analysis) and BOD would be liable for breach of fiduciary trust if they declare bankruptcy.

    That is the case in a nutshell.

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    • Glad to see you are still very much underwater on your trade.

    • I have never disputed that Omontys is "not inferior" to Epogen/Aranesp in terms of efficacy. It is the safety profiles and actual patient usage adverse events that prove Omontys is unsafe compared to the industry standard regimen. Please explain how the BOD is liable for breach of fiduciary duty to declare bankruptcy where there is a failed drug, no revenues, ongoing expenses and crushing litigation. I really would like to understand your reasoning.

    • Yay! DOYO has apparently survived the AFFY Train Wreck and lived to tell the story.

      I will say this for LaffyStock Longs. They do not go down without fighting. Besides Ramm - who is wise - nobody else has thrown in the towel, saved some money, used this as a learning experience and moved on. Everyone else is going down with the ship, or train, as it were. It makes for a compelling last chapter to the LAFFY saga. Thank you indeed.

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