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  • foggiafc foggiafc Apr 27, 2013 9:41 PM Flag

    Don't want buy out, want Affy to become a shell company because much better for us.

    Buy out would give us an immediate return, however if Affy winds down operations and just collects royalties from Takeda when and if O comes back on the market then as far as I understand what Jagan posted we collect royalties for years. Which as far as I understand it would mean a trust is created and royalties distributed to shareholders. Here is where I see the danger. Institutions have held on and probably want the rest. To get the remaining shares the MM's working in unison with the big boys might create some sort of panic and drop the pps substantially to pick up even more shares. There might be a stubborn few of us left. They can't panic us into selling, so they will shoot up the PPS to a level where some will sell. It might be too tempting for instant gratification. Could be a PPS that no one imagined. Once they realize they can't shake us they will drive PPS even higher. At this point longs still holding will eventually reap the benefits when O comes back on the market. Just my imagination on overdrive.

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    • I don't get why you would be concerned if people sell their shares. sure, the price would go down. I welcome a lower price, I might even pick up more. Ultimately, what will come of AFFY will come regardless of the share price- a buy out, a bankruptcy, or a shell company. So let the weak hands sell out, let the price run down to 35 cents per share, and let me buy more.

      The only downside to having the price significantly lower is that it might give takeda a bit more leverage, or it might cause a buyout to come at a lower price.

      As to your point above, yes I agree completely. A buyout would be nice short term but for affy to make maximum money for shareholders it would need to remain independent and just funnel the money to shareholders.
      I, for one, would prefer the buy out. I don't like the ambiguity and I wouldn't mind moving the money I have here into other stocks.

    • yet another soft bash? Pathetic!!!

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