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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Apr 28, 2013 10:01 PM Flag

    I may have seen Honorable Orwin-san in expensive Japanese restaurant

    I was kicking it in Palo Alto this weekend and I stopped in at a very expensive Japanese restaurant. Some dude who looked like Honorable Orwin-san was schmoozing with Japanese businessmen and some attractive Japanese girls who were tending to his every whim. The bill must have been astronomic but nobody seemed to care. I didn't see who picked up the check but I'm pretty sure it was not the guy who looked like Honorable Orwin-san. It probably wasn't Orwin-san, just some similar school-boy looking CEO type who was doing business deals with Japanese partners.

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    • I'm going back to the same Japanese joint tonight. I'll look for Orwin-san. I wonder if the CFO dude has the secret key to the club. He took one for the AFFY team today as he was the only guy put out to face the public. That probably scored him membership to the insider club.

      Anyway, I'll look for Orwin-san to see how the multi-millionaires are rolling these days. I wonder if his smile is bigger than ever, or whether all of the financial destruction he has overseen has caused him even the slightest anxiety.

    • I'm going to go back to the same Japanese place today and see if Orwin-san is hanging out again. It may be hard to find him but I will look in the parking lot for a brand new super expensive car with LAFFY on the license plate. If I see him there, I will be sure to ask about the Finger on the LaffyMax web site. Considering it is the only corporate presence left for Laffy (besides the old lady thinking about how much Affymax Cares), I am of the belief that the Finger is intentionally representing the company. But maybe it is just another clumsy oversight by LAFFY. I will be sure to as Honorable Orwin-san these questions if I am able to see him. Arigatou.

    • Making up stories like before.... LIAR

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