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  • thegreycorner thegreycorner Apr 29, 2013 9:58 PM Flag

    A possible scenario for AFFY Turnaround: Remember when Trump was BK?

    I am trying to figure out how AFFY can possibly survive. What kind of sneaky moves can Orwin-san and Takeda be planning? I am fairly sure that there is no hope - but here is one possible (unlikely) scenario that may be in the works:

    Maybe Orwin-san and Takeda were taken off guard by Killer O deaths. Maybe it was a shock and then after a few weeks of thinking they came up with the following scheme to save AFFY.

    Since creditors and lawsuits would crush AFFY, maybe the plan was to look as weak as possible. That is, appear that the absolute end of the company was imminent. Fire everyone and scale back to nothing. Then, just before closing the doors, negotiate ALL deals with creditors and litigants. The idea would be that all litigants would see it as their last chance to settle, even for pennies on the dollar. Then, when everyone settles (I am guessing around three to six months or maybe more) then rebuild. Re-issue more shares and work on getting O back on track or get new drugs in place.

    I was reminded of this scheme when I remember Donald Trump getting divorced from Ivana and how he was all of a sudden broke just when he was getting divorced. Then, shortly after the divorce, he was back to being a billionaire. OK.

    Well, anyway, if Orwin-san has not thought of this scheme, then he might want to consider it.

    If I see Laffystock still kicking in the fall, and others are tax-loss selling at 35 cents, I may be ready for action.

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