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  • bluecheaps4mee bluecheaps4mee Apr 30, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    No Way Would It Take

    This long to find out the problem was/isThis whole thing seems like some kind of scam, management just pulling Omontys off the market the way they did. Fresenius had no problem with continuing with Omontys......then out of the clear blue sky AFFY management pulls it?

    If somewhere down the line Takeda takes over the company for a couple of pennies a share......then a huge investigation is in order.

    A little under the table #$%$ going on?

    If administering the drug by some faulty inexperienced cheap labor type was the problem, then in no way would it take this long to get to the root of that problem, simply go to the centers where the problem ocurred.......and investigate.

    What has ocurred so far strongly indicates that someone wants the stock price down in the fire-sale price area.

    For what reason?

    There are so many drugs on the market with severe side affects......including death, and guess what......they're still on the market.

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