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  • a_rajalonghorn a_rajalonghorn May 1, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    The Sky is falling.... lol

    yet another red day and it comes as no surprise for anyone that is long. It will continue to be in red territory until a positive announcement. However, the constant bashing gives me hope. If this truly is a doomed stock, why is there any need to bash it non stop, day and night. Even gwp, does not take a day off, even though it is his birthday. On a side note happy birthday gwp, one must always try to remain civil and never wish anyone a terrible birthday.
    Anyways, for all that have the patience to wait for a positive update, you should hold. If you cannot afford to risk your entire investment, you should sell. This is not for the faint of heart and shallow of pockets. I wish all the longs good luck and remember that not so long ago, they drove the share price to 0.64 afterhours and it rebounded then and it will rebound now. If companies like CTIC with a CEO like James Bianco are still around stealing investors money, there is no doubt in my mind that AFFY will survive and thrive from here.
    An FDA approved drug for a market like CKD patients with Anemia is quite exclusive and those with patience will be rewarded. Has anyone checked the recent institutional ownership? i wonder why all of them haven't sold out yet. Perhaps bashers, who have no jobs and stay here all day and night, will be able to enlighten us...

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    • May 1st day low was 0.82. May 9th, day high of 1.95...

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    • Yes. Sky is falling to accumulate like how computer trades with 3 digit. That tells the story of buying frenzy.

    • Lol you're more I see these so called bashers more I will hold my shares. They are talking to each other all day like MM trade the stock . When you look at the order book and sequencing of the bid and ask you'll come to the conclusion of stock manipulation. Perhaps yesterday big drop has to do with Nasdaq index rebalancing.

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    • Now I want everyone to search the internet and pull every single drug that was pulled from the market for the main cause being an allergic reaction!!! i dare you to find me such a drug. Here are some common products and drugs on the market as they all seem to creep up in all my patients SAMPLE hx. Morphine, Zofran, Erythromycins, aspirin, latex, peanuts, shell fish, iodoine, adhesive tape, starwberries, bee stings, too much Excedrin can cause Reyes syndrome, the list goes on a on.

      OMONTYS will be Back on the Market, I could care less if the stock goes to 0, it would be a nice tax write off from my other trades. But medicine and human psychology, i know very well and the insincerity, facade, trickery and selfishness must be taken into account for all humans, especially those who are in power. The only reason walls exist is so that who truly deserve the satisfaction will be the one's to climb them and even if you land face down, there is always a new and fresh perspective.

      The ability to win at every single thing in life, makes everything in this life trivial. Its only when we take risks and see the beauty where others have missed it, due to their senses being dulled by their apathetic lives. If this is a loss, so be it, it would be one that i will remember and will know all the equations that i placed into my algorithm were insufficient and will need new variables.

      We are all calculated individuals in a sense and the emotional events of our pasts, coarse our actions of the present and we justify those actions through the wonderful world of cognitive dissonace, in order to secure our sanity in the future. Not only do we lie to one another but we lie to our selves best. Enslaved to our ego, who needs constant attention and admiration, when in fact we are but shallow shells of the beauty that was brought into this world and has had the best parts ripped away from those around you, piece by piece.

      lol! ETOH and a philosophical mind does not mix well in general

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    • you are the !!!

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    • exactly

    • Here are a couple of recalls to shed light on AFFY's current situation.
      1. Rofecoxib (Vioxx), estimated 140,000 patients suffered coronary heart disease due to this drug that was marketed by Merck. It was withdrawn 5 years after after approval.
      2.Cerivastatin (Baycol) by bayer was responsible for more than 100,000 deaths. It caused rhybadomyolsis (caused by excessive muscle break down and leads to kidney failure. It took 4 years to recall the drug.
      3. Bextra marketed by Pfizer was recalled after less than 1 year on the market for causing death from Cardiovascular Accidents and Strokes.

      The list goes on to include Fen-Phen, Diethylstilbestrol, Avastin etc. Here is a staggering fact to take into consideration, last year at least 5 deaths were reported to the FDA from the ingestion of Monster energy drink. Now think about the simple fact that Dialysis patients were extremely sick to begin with and the REASON for the FDA recall was deaths from ANAPHYLAXIS.
      The bashers would have you believe that there was more to the recall that the neither the company nor the FDA has seemed to mention. Some how these savants and gurus have the inside track on the investigation.. maybe they do.

      As awful as it was for the investors, I believe AFFY took the right actions to save the drug and pulled the drug voluntarily. If they had not done so, if even 1 additional death had been reported, they would have been held criminally negligent for knowing about an issue and making no attempt to correct it. This was obviously an extreme reaction taken by the company but in the long run will turn out to the best possible outcome. I will be here until they announce the return of OMONTYS to the market and will sell my shares on the good news In the mean time, i will hold to my convictions and believe in my due diligence. GL to all longs and to the shorts, please continue to bash because when you stop, i actually feel like the stock might be going to BK.

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    • Thank you raj. I will accept your birthday wishes. Just for laughs, I will disclose that I am now 61 and do not have a job. I have been retired since 2005, when I was 53. I agree with raj, there is no need to bash this stock. The fundamentals are at work, not me. I look forward to AFFY's 1st Q 2013 which I believe should be released on or about May 7, 2013. Should AFFY go up from here, maybe we all can profit. Me, not as much as now but still plenty. You, hopefully will make something of this trade. Best wishes to everybody on my cake day!

    • Hopefully we will get some updates from Takeda and Affy. Any ideas on how long this investigation will take?

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