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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 May 9, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

    Picked up 2700 shares @1.63 & 3 days of trading pattern!

    Unsure how many shorted at higher levels today. Entire float is moved to very firm hands and on top of it the Shorts shares. Always AFFY is one of the most manipulated stock and at this juncture there is no need for a manipulation. The negative quarter report is just an accounting trick, just to grab the remaining shares cheap from retail (I doubt whether any retail long left here!) .

    Normally the Buyout won't occur immediately, we all will see a slow price rise with limited /lower volume till it reaches the Buyout threshold (10-20% margin).

    I would imagine a $10 buyout here, since no Hedge fund will allow for a lower buyout price as an incentive these guys have been given advance notice of the same, so that they could cover their price and gain too.

    Despite all the reforms Wallstreet is crookish and everything is done underhand.

    If Baldwinpeak and Redcorner thinks they are smart, either they have been working for some hedge funds or real morons.

    Wait for the next 30 days and mark my word, the stock will be close to 2 digits!


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    • I can assure you if anyone shorted it wasn't retail. I wanted to short AFFY, but could not. I wanted to buy puts, but the premiums were way too high to make financial sense to me. I will stay short with my shares from $15 plus. No need to close the position. I may seek long term capital gains on this trade while AFFY goes bankrupt.

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      • You are one of the biggest fraudster on this board! Ask anyone whether Professional, amateur traders or investors, a person shorting the stock @15 and then seeing 80 cents, did not cover, yet waiting for that go to zero? I don't think you are that unique character. You are just a fraudster nothing more.

        You told many unsuspecting folks to sell @80 cents, and those who sold got the taste of it during the past 3 days. If anyone still listening to you, only real God can bring sanity to them!

        I don't preach evil and only provide insightful information. Not like you to steal others money by posting deceit and fraudulent information.

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    • OUCH!!!!

    • What a crock of %^&$. Are you an idiot or do you want these people to get stuck with the bag

    • A ten dollar buyout figure is absolutely ridiculous. Whole float traded today and someone could have picked up whole company for 1.75 a share. You are living in fantasy land. Buyout price would be 2.60-3.20 at the absolute tops. Come on dude, get with reality.

    • I am staying. I smell strong manipulation. I will be glad the day Orwin is shown the door. He's done enough damage to a point that I now think this is a buyout and it could happen any day. They will grab more shares at the cheap because the pps will tank and nervous investors will sell. The announcement could happen any day.

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      • You are the one full of it. Go and tell for those who shorted/got panic and sold the shares @80 cents.

        I still hold and Omantys will be back and with trades it won't be a Royalty collecting entity, rather a buyout play. With more than 100+ mln shares traded and that too 40+ mln @ the highest price, Takeda secured the 100% shares for voting purposes.

        Those who are holding the shares can wait for a open market buyout offer soon, it could happen even on Monday. This is going to be very quick since they don't have much time left.


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      • Wow you guys are going to lose all of your money. There is no buyout and never will be. This has moved up purely on short squeezes/momentum just like PCX did before it went bankrupt. Did you not read the 10Q? They are laying off THE ENTIRE WORKFORCE. That also means the remaining 25% they kept. It's nothing but a shell left. There will be no buyout because there's nothing to buy. Their liabilities exceed their assets and they have a HALF BILLION dollar deficit. Nobody even answers the phone there.

        They say the market is irrational. You guys are perfect examples of it.

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