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  • sdghrty sdghrty May 10, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

    Co spokesperson states he has no idea why stock is going up, then comp announces they may no longer be able to do business???

    So everyone piles in to double the stock price??? doesn't make sense. Something is up. Does comp have someone that wanted to buy cheap before the explosion???? Not a comp in the world would tell shareholders to get out. They would just pr the bad news and run away

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    • This is exactly why we have all this crazy buying and selling going on, once again no one knows anything. The speculation now is exactly what you are saying. WHY has the company been constantly stating that they may not be able to continue operations. Its like no #$%$ you may not be able to continue, any company that stops production will not have any revenue. But the question is considering they have no debt, why state BK when clearly they have enough cash to last another few quarters. Constantly bashing the company this much is fishy. Also they fact that Takeda did not mention one thing about even talks with AFFY, and that this so called "spokesperson" said they do not know why the rise. I am guessing what everyone is, AFFY is trying to get their shares to just drop so they can sell for cheaper OR they already are in an agreement with Takeda but now the job is to keep the share price low

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